System Analysis and Design

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SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN2IntroductionComfort Quilts Limited is an organization with a progressive and ever changing managementsystem that requires a careful consideration when choosing the type of adaptive system to use inits projects. To be of benefit to the organization, the software development should be scientific,efficient, simple and low risk related. Comfort Quilts is looking forward to changing theiroperations and creating a new market for their consumers. The best way is to find a system thatensures quick change of operations and is also flexible in such a way that it can handle any issuesthat might arise. According to (Verzuh 2015),a good system gives the involved team a chance towork together while giving feedback of their progress to result into the desired output.Extreme Programming (XP) is best suited for the projectThe project team looked at all factors surrounding the company’s activities and decided to adoptthe Extreme Programming (XP) system in their management. Comfort Quilts needs to adopt anew system of management that ensures for cost effective operations that will drive the companytowards success and also reduce the operation cost. The best way to do this is to use anengineering system that is less costly and still effective in ensuring the achievement of the bestresults(Fitsilis 2008).According to the creator of the program Kent Beck, XP is a low-risk, scientific, efficient,lightweight, predictable and flexible process of running projects. It is the traditional system andstill the most effective for all individuals even those who are not knowledge equipped in terms ofcomputer processes(Settas 2006). Using modern methods like scrum might be challenging as itrequires extensive training of the parties involved so as to attain the best results. A business is allabout taking the most effective approaches as long as they give desirable results. Comfort Quilts
SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN3Limited is in need of a methodology that gives them a chance to carry on with their projectwithout having to change much of its internal operations(McAvoy 2009).According to (Hoda 2008),XP’s communication, courage, feedback methods and simplicity doesnot demand much assets other than people. The programming method keeps in mind the cost ofthe operation and is therefore suitable for a company that just changed its terms of operation.Dealing with natural products for Comfort Quilts is much more challenging than marketing ofprocessed and manufactured goods. Natural operations means that there are less changes done tothe product and therefore the price should be considerable. The company should thereforeconsider adopting XP as it is flexible, cost effective and low risk related to better their chances ofprofit making (Chemuturi 2010).The Purpose of XPExtreme Programming came into existence due to the necessity of developing a system thatprotects software from risks. As Kent explains it, there was a great economic and human impactof failures that resulted from software development. XP came as a solution to increase the valueof delivery that early programs were unable to provide. Most projects fail because they lackproper planning and management which leads to risks of delays, cancellation and failure todeliver quality. (Macholz 2007),states that the ability of an organization to plan a managementproject and be able to achieve it in due time and get the desired results is a challenge. Theprocesses however got much easier with the introduction of the XP methodology which puts allthe factors into consideration.XP ensures the delivery of a project with time limits and set goals at a minimum cost than anyother programs. The Extreme Programming uses the traditional method ‘waterfall’ planning
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