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System Management Assignment | LINUX & Windows OS

Added on - 24 Feb 2020

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Running head: SYSTEM MANAGEMENTSystem ManagementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1SYSTEM MANAGEMENTPART A: Linux and Windows OS CommandsLinuxCommand NamePurpose of the CommandifconfigIt is used for interface configuration and canbe used for changing and viewing thenetwork interface of the current system [14]pingIt is used for sending packet request to aspecified address and test the connectivitybetween the two nodes connected in thenetwork.ScreenshotsIfconfigPing
2SYSTEM MANAGEMENTWindowsCommand NamePurpose of the CommandifconfigIt is used for show the current settings of theTCP/IP and the detailed information aboutthe network can be fetched using theipconfig command [7].nslookupIt is used for providing command line utilityand helps in diagnosing the DNS problem inthe network. The nslookup helps in returningthe hostname with the IP address.arpIt is used for diagnosing the addressingresolution problem. It is used by the TCP/IPhosts for determining the MAC addressconnected with the IP address. The commandarp –a is used for finding the IP address thatis resolved to the MAC address [13].nbstatIt is used for displaying the incoming and theoutgoing network connection, routing tablesand the statistics of the network connectedwith the interface.ScreenshotIfconfig
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