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System Safety Issue- USA

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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System Safety Issue[Type the document subtitle]ABC[Pick the date]
System safety show and the issuesThere have been many plane crashes in the past. Recently too, USA has reported a number ofplane crashes. It is myth that travelling by air is never safe because technology and the systemscan make it possible make the air journey safe. Whenever any plane crashes, the NationalTransportation Safety Board (NTSB) starts to investigate the reasons behind it. They also try toimprove the safety policies and procedures in the airplanes. According to the investigations ofthis Board in the past, there is need for the total system integration in the airplane systems thatcan help in dispersing the data sets in the air and these data sets can be correlated with thesupport systems that are there on the ground like the traffic control data.For this, the systems have to be set and upgraded so that all the activities happen on time andwith perfection. In this process, ‘safety’ of the systems is an important consideration that has tobe taken care of. It needs to be interpreted in underlined and bold terms. Firstly, the safetyimplementation is an issue and then, its integration with other systems is an issue.The system safety-related problems in airplanesDuring the working of the systems, the following issues come up:In the airplane industry, the overheated engines and malfunctioning of the wings is acommon phenomenon and these things are bound to happen. This also leads to delay inmany flights. The airplane has simple devices or data systems fitted in it that can registerthese faults and then technicians repair the parts based on the workflow software.But, due to improper working of the gauge and the alert systems, the system does notreport these issues. So, there cannot be tracked easily and this in-turn causes seriousproblems.1
Identification of the trained and qualified people is another issue because the data isrequired to be handled which is very crucial for the airline companies.Then, for collecting the data, a proper system needs to be adopted which can help inreporting and recording the incidents that are harmful for the systems or the company.There is also need for establishing a risk reporting system which is a cumbersome task asthe system has to be feasible (Ericson, 2015).Even if the systems work properly, they are not integrated. For example, some systemhas detected a fault in the plane when it is flying and it alerts the pilots but, due to lack ofintegration with the other systems, this data is not shown to those in the ground like thetraffic control department.2
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