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IntroductionHelping others in bettering in their life invoke a sense of happiness. I also felt happy and proud,when I became a part of the Durbar Australia. It is a foundation created by the freedom fightersto fight homelessness in Australia, especially Sydney. The mission of the organization is to fighthomelessness and support homeless children in Australia. The organization aims to help thechildren in Australia and Sydney.The fund is obtained from the freedom fighters of Bangladesh, who are living in Australia. Thesepeople donate their money as they obtain it from the Bangladeshi government. Working with theorganization, I felt immensely happy and proud. I was a part of the program addressed to meetthe needs of several hundred homeless people in Australia.Description of OrganizationDurbar Australia is located at the center of Australia, which is continuously operating to provideservices to the homeless people in Australia. The organization has its own building, facilities,and all the designs are served to support the poverty-stricken people and children in Australia.The organization has an excellent infrastructure to offer meals twice a day (Gaetz, S., Gulliver,T., and Richter, T. (2014). It also offers clothing and personal hygiene items, shower, shavingkit, non-perishable food items, and haircut facility. Above all, if offers facility to spend a nightwith safety.The organization does not make any differences between different people and offer equivalentservices to all the people. These services are provided seven days a week to all the employees.The volunteers, who participate in the program, are also provided free meals regularly. As avolunteer to the organization, I gathered and organized different donations such as food andpersonal hygiene items to the homeless people in the community. In the process, we placed thepersonal hygiene items to the homeless people. These items were given when the people wereleaving after having their food (Ravenhill, 2016). The senior volunteers had given us theinstructions that it is important to be pleasant and wish all the people with a cordial hello.Learnings and Experience in the Voluntary Program
Before completing the voluntary program, I assumed that I will not be happy in serving food andpersonal toiletries to the homeless people for several hours. However, I realized that doingsomething for the society can bring immense happiness. Before the activity, I was also notfamiliar with the challenges faced by the homeless people. I was not sympathetic with thehomeless people and considered them as a failure in life. However, after this activity, I realizethat they struggle to obtain the basic necessities of life. The homeless people wereunderprivileged and unlucky in their lives. Subsequently, I was genuinely concerned about theissues of the homeless people. I realized that there are a large number of people, who have morethan necessary; however, they waste without considering its importance (Glendening and Shinn,2017). Soon, I felt that it I important to take a proactive approach towards uplifting the standardof these people.While participating in the program, I realized that it is important to analyze the plight ofhomeless people in a different manner. I understood that daily shower, medical care and food arethe basic necessity and available to everyone. I did not realize that these facilities are notavailable to everyone. Spending a little time with the homeless people, I realized that thehomeless people struggle a lot in obtaining the basic necessities of the life (Martijn and Sharpe,2006).Working with the homeless people, I realized that the homelessness is omnipresent. In thepresent, homelessness has become a global issue. The homelessness is an issue, in which thepeople do not have a permanent dwelling or house. The long term shelter of these people is ashelter home, motel, or tent.Issue of HomelessnessThe homeless is a social issue as it provides roots, security and a sense of belonging to thepeople. It creates a large number of psychological issues to the customers. By getting associatedwith the organization, I realized that homelessness is a social issue. The majority of the homelesspeople are found in large suburban areas in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. According to thestatistics, more than one million people in Australia can be categorized as homeless as they donot have a permanent shelter. There are several causes of homelessness; however, the primary
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