Systems Analysis and Design Mulch Network

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Running Head:SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN1Systems Analysis and DesignInstitutionDateName1.a)
2SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGNThe MulchNetwork is a great business that works together with severalstakeholders having unique goals and benefits. These stakeholders include the treecontractors, the local client farmers, The Internet Service Providers, the system andweb developers and the farmers who provide mulch materials from their gardens.These stakeholders would not be part of MulchNetwork if they did not get anybenefits from the business. The tree contractors are the first stakeholders in thebusiness; without them there would be no MulchNetwork business. They are the oncewho look for the mulch materials from different gardens and then go ahead and createthe mulch which will eventually be sold to other local farmers. Tree contractors gettheir revenue from the sale of the mulch materials and firewood. The new Eze-Mulchsystem will therefore become a great business advantage for the tree contractors sincethe core business processes will be seamless as the system will join them to theirclients in a pretty simple manner (Brace, 2018).The farmers are the final clients who make use of the end mulch materials andthey will surely get more benefits from the Eze-Mulch System as it will link themdirectly to the MulchNetwork. They will be able to receive quotations and makeorders in a very simple and real time manner. Furthermore, the farmers who owngardens which supply the mulch materials will as well be linked easily to the treecontractors (Lawrence& Weber, 2014). They would at anytime request the contractorto visit them and get the mulch materials just by the click of a button. Internet serviceproviders will also be a part of the Eze-Mulch system since they will allow for aseamless communication to their client. Eze-mulch system will therefore link the ISP
3SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGNto several customers who will in that manner become their clients technically.2.a)Use caseDescriptionUser/DiverNeeds to wear the device on hand in order to recordthe time and distance traveled under waterMobile AppMust be able to receive notification updates and allthe data captured from the wearable deviceGPS connectionNeeds to capture the location detailsRegisterThe wearable dive computer must allow the user tofirst register an account in order to have a portal from themobile device that shows all the diving detailsLoginThe user needs to login from anywhere to theiraccountb)Use Case DiagramThe utilization of use case outline at its most straightforward manner a portrayalof a client's cooperation with the system that demonstrates the connection between theclient and the diverse use cases in which the client is included. Such use case
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