Systems implementation & service management assignment

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Running head: SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION & SERVICE MANAGEMENTSystems Implementation & Service Management: Coast to Country Parks (CCP)Name of the student:Name of the university:
1SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION & SERVICE MANAGEMENTIntroductionAs per the approach of post war baby boomers and with the given increased importancegive to the leisure, it has been found that, for the development of Coast to Country Pub, a servicelevel agreement is needed to be considered. Recently there is an ad hoc approach to the servicemanagement by the IT support staffs at the, head office located in Melbourne and both small andlarge caravan park. Over some of the decades, IT service management is adequate. However, inthe recent times the concern is increasing rapidly regarding service level.There are different options of service level agreements however; based on thebackground of the project an accurate Service Level Agreement is needed to be prepared by thehead of the IT support staffs.1. Service level agreementService level agreement is referred to as a tool or formally negotiated agreement thathelps to identify the expectation, responsibilities and communication approach that must befollowed between the consumers and service providers. The process of establishing a servicelevel agreement, strengthen the communication between the club members and the developers.The aims of the clubs are to provide general services and to build loyalty among the club theexisting members and new members who have joined the club. They have large caravan parks,those are independent in nature, provides successful accommodation to all the public clubmembers. Service level agreement is defined as a service that provides services which areexpected from the vendors. These are lying out the metrics through which the services can be
2SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION & SERVICE MANAGEMENTmeasured accordingly. This is a critical factor considered for the contract of any technologyvendor. Based on the type of the project the SLA should be prepared.It includes not only the service description provides and the expected service levels ratherthe metrics through which the services can be apparently measured. In order to add and removemetrics, SLA also provides duties and a responsibility of each of the members associated to theclub and also gives the remedies and penalties for breach. SLA helps to communicate with theelements and all other communities in place to provide a consistent IT service support anddelivery to the clients through service providers. It provides a clear reference for the service timeframe that represents a concise, clear and a measurable description of service provision to theconsumers. Through SLA, perceptions can be matched of thee expected service provision alongwith the actual service support and delivery.2. Different Service Level AgreementsDifferent types of Service Level Agreements (SLA) are there such as customer servicelevel agreement, internal service level agreement, vendor service level agreement, that mightassign a type (Binu and Gangadhar 2014). Based on the ITSM requirements among these typesof assignments the most suitable SLA for this CCP is the vendor service level agreement. This isreferred to as an agreement that helps to create a bridge between the members and the vendors ofCCP construction. The project is willing to append a design based solution for the identifiedproblem.Based upon the technical resource availability, the help desk staffs will need to look allpossible activities, according to the call service by using different remote access tools. Besidesthis it will support the analysts for accessing the resources (Zhaoet al.2014). SLA ensures that
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