Research on Barriers Affecting Entrepreneur Women in Muscat

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Table of ContentsChapter 1: Introduction51.1 Background of the research 51.2 Statement of Problem 61.3 Objective of study 61.4 Research Questions 71.5 Research Hypothesis71.6 Significance of the research71.7 Scope of the research 71.8 Limitations of study 71.9 Conclusion 8Chapter 2: Literature Review92.1 Introduction.92.2 Conceptual Framework 102.3 Past Related Study on Women entrepreneurship 10 2.4Gender in entrepreneurship 112.5Lack of Family Support a factor on Women in Entrepreneurship122. 6Capital in Entrepreneurship 122. 7Implications of Educational Background on Entrepreneurship 132.8The Arab World outlook on Women’s Involvement in Business 132.9 Theory of Entrepreneurship132.10 Conclusion13Chapter 3: Research Methodology.143.1 Introduction14 3.2 Research Framework143.3 Research Design 153.4 Population 153.5 Organisation of study 16
3.6 Research Instrument 173.7Data Collection 18 3.8 Data Analysis 18 3.9Research Instrument Validity and Reliability Test.18 3.9.1 Ethical Consideration19 References Appendix
FACTORS AFFECTING OMANI WOMEN ENTREPRENUR IN MUSCAT ONESTABLISHING THEIR BUSINESSESWomen entrepreneurship activities is one of the driving force of economic, community andnation development. Women in some part of the world are still left behind in theentrepreneurship activities due to some barriers such as family support, capital andbackground knowledge which stands as the stumbling blocks preventing the Omani womenin Muscat to take part in entrepreneurship activities. The scope of this research focusprimarily on the barriers that are affecting entrepreneur women on establishing their businessin Muscat. There are other mediating factors affecting entrepreneur women on establishingtheir business in Muscat. The literature review of this study indicates that more efforts areneeded to help and encourage and support women to be entrepreneur.KEYWORD: Women, Entrepreneur, Support, Barriers, Knowledge
CHAPTER 1Introduction 1.1 Background of StudyThere are various barriers that has been identify in Oman that are affecting entrepreneurwomen on establishing their business in Muscat, barriers such as Educational background,Business ideas, ICT knowledge, family support and capital . We understand that many of thelocal women were affected by having no knowledge of business or having little knowledge ofbusiness is one of the major factor in which make it difficult for women to acquire capital toestablish businesses. Educational background at the other hand is a major factor because ifwe look into how business is established and run these days, you need to be well educated tomake your business successful, educated in terms of business Idea, business knowledge onbookkeeping and recording, advertisement, sale, spending and many more, a good businesswomen need to have good leadership skill. Apart from being educated, innovativetechnologies are now being use to promote businesses around the globe today, at least anyentrepreneur women should possess a good skill of Computer knowledge. According toMontanye (2006) Entrepreneurship is considered as a factor of production, linked toinnovation and risk taking, where entrepreneurial compensations are tied to uncertainty andprofits. We can also understand that traditionally, entrepreneurship has been a male-dominated field. Moreover, several of today's most impressive and rousing entrepreneurs arewomen but in Muscat, Oman it’s not the same story as the rest of the world where we can seemajority of women being an entrepreneur, the Omani people’s understanding is that womenare house wife and so most women who want to venture into business do not get adequatesupport from family. It’s true that women have broken down the glass ceiling of thetraditional thought long prevailing around the globe and have emerged as successfulentrepreneurs. Women are increasingly becoming conscious of their existence, their rights,their work situations and their role in the society. There have been many promises from theOmani government to make some certain changes to help the Omani women with muchsupport in establishing their own businesses, according to Weeks, J. R. (2009) the long termdevelopment strategy, “Vision 2020” adopted by Oman has provided an encouragingenvironment for women entrepreneurs to participate and contribute towards this effect. Suchas availability of education which I mentioned earlier as one of the major factor, training andawareness to help the Omani women to start their own business, Oman has a significantnumber of women entrepreneurs in the male dominated Arab society, though women-ownedbusinesses are on the rise but not as expected, Omani government should understand thatwomen entrepreneurship represents a vast untapped source of innovation, job creation andeconomic growth in the developing world. Omani women need to realize their strength,weakness, opportunities and threats and move forward to come out of their own shell in orderto achieve their goals through self-development and with the full support from the
family ,government and stakeholders , however, the education part which is a major key thatthis researcher will like to encourage the Omani women in Muscat to acquire Knowledge inthe field of Business Administration, Commerce, Business accounting ,Economics, publicpolicy ,Bookkeeping and information technology these studies can help in increasing thenumbers of Omani women entrepreneur in Muscat and they can be able to enlighten womenat the grassroots level on entrepreneurship orientation program across the communities inOman . On the other hand is the school curriculum in Oman ,according to Atef, T. M., & Al-Balushi, M. (2014) The growing numbers of youth seeking to enter the labour market placegreat pressure on educational institutions to reshape curricula, equip graduates with the rightskills and qualifications, and reconcile the discrepancies between educational programs andlabour market needs. The school curricula was also identify as one of the factor affectingentrepreneur in general in terms of education and knowledge background of the individual. Itwill be wise to start teaching business studies at secondary level that will create a backgroundknowledge for the teenagers and as they grow up they can be able to develop themselves inthe field of business investment and establishment , the capital to start a business is anotherissue and in a society where preferences is more giving to male that female ,at this pointwhen a woman has the credentials to proof her knowledge of business venture the capital toestablish a business won’t really be an issue and women will no more be seen as an ordinaryhousewife rather than a business owner . 1.2. Statement of Problem Those key issues that warrant the investigation of this research topic is the call for urgentattention to understand the barriers affecting the Omani women in Muscat as an entrepreneurto be able to establish their own businesses in Muscat. Some of the problems faced by thewomen are Educational background, Business ideas, ICT knowledge, family support, andcapital .This study will look into three major barriers such as Capital ,Family support, andbackground knowledge and to have full-scale Scrutinize that is statistically significant and toanswer the research questions.1.3 Objectives of Study The objective of this study is:1.To identify barriers affecting entrepreneurs Omani women in Muscat. 2.To identify if capital is a barrier affecting Omani women in Muscat to establish theirbusinesses.3.To identify if family support is a barrier affecting Omani women in Muscat toestablish their own businesses.4.To identify if background knowledge is a barrier affecting Omani women in Muscatto establish their own businesses.5.To investigate and analyse the problems faced by Omani women in Muscat onestablishing their businesses.6.To suggest strategies to effectively overcome these barriers.
1.4 Research QuestionIn order to understand some of the barriers affecting Omani women in Muscat on businessestablishment this study will answer the following questions 1.What are the types of factors affecting Omani women in Music to establish theirbusinesses?2.Does capital affect Omani women in Muscat to establish their businesses?3.Does family support affect Omani women in Muscat to establish their ownbusinesses?4.Does background knowledge affect Omani women in Muscat to establish their own businesses?5.How can we improve the participation of Omani women in Muscat to start their own businesses?1.5 Research Hypothesis A questionnaire will be used to test the following hypotheses.Hypothesis 1: There is no relationship between Omani women in Muscat with Family support, capital andbackground knowledge as factors to become entrepreneurs.1.6 Significance of the study The study is based on primary data, therefore it is significant in many aspects; it will notonly investigate and highlight the barrier affecting Omani women in Muscat to establish theirbusinesses. there is no research on this very topic has yet been conducted so it mightadditionally lead the approach makers the policy makers to strategies sound policies based onthe gaps identified in this study. In addition, it will likewise energize the women populationof Oman in general and Muscat in particular to be an entrepreneur by understanding all of thebarriers.1.7 Scope of the Study The scope of this study will focus on the factors affecting Omani women in Muscat onbusiness establishment. The study will examine the role of capital, family support andeducational background in business establishment of the Omani women in Muscat. Todevelop new ideas to help the Omani women in Muscat on business establishment and thestudy is limited to Omani women in Muscat.1.8 Limitation of Study Although the study has reached his aim but there are some avoidable limitation .Firstly,because of the time limit, the research will be traveling from Malaysia to Oman to collectdata for the study and will not be able to cover all the province in Muscat .The study will onlycovered some few province in Muscat among the women. Therefore, the study can’t begeneralize to the whole group of women in Muscat.

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