Hygiene and Environmental Health : Report

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INTRODUCTIONAnswer 1: There are several hygiene activities that need to followed by the child care centre,managing good hygiene in child care is very significant so that it can prevent cross infectionbetween different child. Proper hand wash should be there, it is very effective way by whichinfection can be reduced, proper maintenance of the child heath care, personal care of the childand serving good food. They maintain good personal habits such as covering the mouth and nosewhen the person is sneezing and coughing and washing the hand when they are touching thecontaminated surface and matter. Hand must be wash before eating the food, after using toilet,after playing in the playground etc. Use of gloves when they are treating bloody nose andwounds of child and when they are cleaning blood or body fluid spills. Other than thatenvironmental hygiene is also must which includes cleanliness and housekeeping of the facilitiesand premises such as toilers, classroom, eating area and playground. With that food hygiene isalso must such as proper kitchen facilities, wash hand before eating keeping finger nails cleanand short etc.Answer 2: It is very significant for the child care organisation to take care of safety measure sothat they can not harm any child. Child's skin and health is very sensitive which need to beprotected properly. If any small harm is made to child that may case huge problems, soprocedure should be taken to protect them. The procedure which is followed by the child carecentre is keep away from the dangerous products and keep that products at safe places wherechild can not approach. Do not explore child to the sprays and furnes, do not permit smoking andconsumption of alcohol in child care centre. Display simple warning signs which shows safety.Carry out daily safety checks so that they hazard can be removed, appropriate play tools for thechild. Regular audits of the building, proper maintenance of the report that are related to hazard.Keep electrical cards away from the child etc.Answer 3: There should be several activities that need to be taken care while preventing childfrom the different hazards. The activities and procedures include proper immunisation to thestaff members and children to take care from infectious disease, proper policies to excludeanimals and sick people, serve proper facilities for hand washing disposing of waste andcleaning of body. Proper facilities for the infection control such as good personal hygiene, safework practices, proper management of toys, play equipment and play clothing. Serve proper1

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