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Running head: TARGET INTERVIEW QUESTIONSTarget interview questionsName of the student:Name of the University:Author’s note
1TARGET INTERVIEW QUESTIONQuestion 1Difference between tactical and operational intelligenceTactical and operational intelligence are two level of intelligence in which the formerdeals with articulating what the opposition do to prevent accomplishment of one’s vision andlatter deals with planning campaigns and activities in accomplish any strategic objective inorganization (Clark, 2016).Hence, tactical intelligence is implemented after an operational levelplanning is done. Although both tactical and operational intelligence have a cyclic relation,however the difference in both approach is that operational intelligence has a wider scope,whereas the tactical intelligence has a narrow scope. Another difference between both forms ofintelligence is that the time orientation for both the activity. Tactical intelligence is a short rangeplanning that may continue for less than one year and it may mainly focus on the areas ofproduction and marketing. In contrast, the operational intelligence links the strategic goals withtactical goals and has a longer implication for business or a public situation (Ratcliffe, 2016).Application of both level of intelligence in policingIn the context of application of the two level of intelligence in policing, the operationalintelligence would help to restore a negative public order situations like dealing with acommotion or mob. It promote planning activities to maintain order. Operational intelligenceplanning helps to locate threat in a public situation, identify the infrastructure needed to deal withthreat plan activities to manage adverse situations. Hence, it can be said that in the area ofpolicing, operational intelligence promotes restoring law and order. In addition, the tacticalintelligence complements the policing process by gathering all information related to unlawfulconduct and planning of the crowd in a public situation. It may help plan operations and identify

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