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Take-Home FinalPresentation Reflection (Reflection)When i need to selecting my JINS course in last semester. I did not know which title Iwanted to bid for. The course title, Why you are Wrong just intrigued me. It look likes somethingI am wrong but I do not know. I really want to know what am i wrong and i still don’t know,then to choice this class. This course are almost done, but i still would actually enjoy the class.To be honest, my favorite part of the class was people presentations. Because look all ofclassmates to talk about the topic what they like and their opinion let me to think lots of thing iam wrong and I don’t know. All of the presentations were a pleasant part of the semester. It isreally a good course and good way to help me growth.One of the most interdisciplinary presentations was Joe Williamson-Link’s presentationon Evolution vs Creationism. His work was about the ancient battle of religion vs. science, offaith vs. reason, anecdotes vs. evidence. Arguing for either side - though, perhaps more-so for thescience side - requires a synthesis of many different fields of study that don’t usually interactwith one another except when this topic comes up.. I thought he did a very nice job of discussingboth sides of the story, instead of focusing on just why one way of thinking is better than theother. It is not possible to cover the arguments used by both sides of this debate well withouthaving some serious breadth of knowledge. It made each and every person of the audience thinkinterdisciplinary, and that was the whole goal of this class in the first place.Joe get the pretty highly grades on my heart because of the audience thinkinterdisciplinary, but my favorite presentation came from Darell Hawley while she presented on
Sex Ed in the schools. She started off the presentation in a very unique way that capturedeveryone’s attention by playing music as she introduced her topic. Then the fact that she createdher own plan for how to teach Sex-Ed in schools was very impressive to me. I can feel her heartin this topic, and i am also really like this topic but i never to think about how to teach that onschool. She answered questions seamlessly and had appeared to thought of every aspect the classcould throw at her. She was well prepared for the presentation, communicated effectively, anddefended her position spectacularly.Darell have had the best presentation that is my favorite and have not enough courage totalk about question, but there was a presentation caught my attention pretty much that was WeiyiWang’s Chinese one child policy. I could feel his passion in the topic, and that really had animpact on me. It was a topic that I have not really thought about before, but now I am fullyconvinced that her plan would be a benefit to Chinese society. I also liked how it was somethinga topic dear to him and he used some stories from his life experiences to make the presentationinteresting. Even though he went over on the time, his presentation was not boring at all and waseasy to listen to.The presentation process turned out being on of my favorite things from my classes thissemester. I really enjoyed just relaxing and listening to people talk about things that they arepassionate about. Since that was the goal of the class, it showed that the presenters tooksomething from the class and used it to show the audience why we were wrong.Changed Opinion on Policy (Course Topics)
I choose topicShould stay at home moms get a salary from the government?When I amyoung ,my family are not rich, my parents need to work whole day. They go out to work maybebefore 7 o’clock and come back after 10 o’clock. They have to time to stay with me. Lots ofChinese children are same as me. Sometimes i do not want to talk with my parents what i reallythink about rather than to talk about my friend. To be honest, the friend are more important thanmy parents. This is why i choose this topic, maybe mom stay at home can get a slary from thegovernment can help more Chinese like me.Most do not agree but some do. There are many different opinions on whether or not stayat home moms should get a salary or not. It is also frowned upon when a mother leaves theirchild at a young age. Most stay at home moms are put down and called lazy all because theydon’t have a so called real job, but being a stay at home mom is hard. Stay at home momsdeserve to be treated the same as a working mom. Most women when they get pregnant try towork until almost due date then they take a leave for at least 6 weeks then try to return to theirjobs and cannot because the company has already replaced her. Some moms do not have theheart to go back to work after they are released by the doctors. Some moms have been so used tobeing at home with their child and taking care of them all day that they cannot go back to a job atsome company or whatever they did before they had the baby. Everyone has a different opinionon how much a stay at home mom is worth. By today’s market they are worth a lot more thanmost think.People have to realize just what a stay at home mom does, they cook, wash clothes, do dishes,clean the house, run errands, take kids everywhere, etc. and if you added up how much workingpeople make doing those jobs it can add up. But instead of people looking at all the work thatstay at home moms do they just look at them as failing to achieve their potential when they
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