Management Assignment - Selection of New Candidates

Added on - Sep 2019

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Tanglewood management needs to revise the criteria and parameters for selecting newcandidates as the company has already faced loss both in terms of cost and labor. In order tominimize these effects, a criterion-related validation test should be implemented that would serveto hire best candidates in a minimal amount of time. The test will assess potential candidates onthe basis of company requirements and stability of an employee keeping long term relationshipinto consideration. The management will play a crucial role while selecting these candidates, soas they can fulfill company’s expectations and lower high turnover rates. The candidates will beassessed on the basis of their strength, knowledge, skills, ability and other working traits whichall combined are also referred to as KSAOs. The outcome of these test will provide greaterinsight into candidates profile and working ability.Defining criteria to measure job performance and working closely with the management and thestakeholders of the company will create an effective work channel. The stakeholders will includethe marketing, finance, purchase, management, logistics, etc. and sharing information at a real-time will be beneficial for both the candidate and company. The test to identify KSAOs shouldmeet company's requirements rather than focusing on individual traits; this will help to identifythe most suitable candidate as per company demands. A score based evaluation will beimplemented that will discuss all the strengths and weakness of the potential candidates. Thiswill also help the company to identify that what kind of weaknesses can be worked upon so thatno eligible or meritorious candidate is lost. Though this entire process is time-consuming but itwill help to select the best candidate and further to make a long-term relationship with thecompany.
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