Comparative Analysis of Offline and Online Inventory Management Systems


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Task 1An offline inventory management system refers to managing the inventory on a singlesystem and at a time only one person can manage the inventory. The most popularexample of offline inventory management is that there is a software which is installed on asystem and one person can update the records of the inventory by using that particularsoftware.An online inventory management system refers to managing the inventory on a web basedprogram. In this kind of software inventory is managed commonly on the browser with anactive internet connection. Online inventory can be managed by more than one user at atime and you also does not need the same particular system to access it you can use it onany of the system while sitting in any part of the world. In terms of affordance of both type of inventory management system you have to preferoffline management system because in that there is one time investment for making thesoftware and then only we have to use it while on other side online inventory managementsystem costs high because to make online software is much more higher and also wehave pay regularly for the maintenance.The constraint of offline inventory management system is that is managed by only oneperson at a time by that software and on that particular system. If this work is given to aninexperience employee than it will be very tough task for him. On the other hand constraintfor online inventory management system is that if we give access of inventory managing tomore peoples than it will produce the ambiguity that is it can be possible that the inventorywill update more than time for a single transaction by the different inventory manager.An online inventory management system will be very easily accessible across the globe,more than one manager can be appoint because more than one person can update theinventory at the same time. Inventory will updated in real time and not much more work forthe person. While the offline inventory management system can only use on the smallbusiness propose and covers very little area though that is offline we cannot access it fromanywhere we always need that particular system to access it.Task 2There are many server-side scripting languages are available to make a web basedapplication, so I will prefer to use php as server-side scripting language to make thiswebsite. The reason to choose php as server-side scripting language are that, as abeginner php will be the best one to write the code because it is a very simple and easy tolearn while compare to other languages like asp.net,java etc. The next advantage of phpover other language is that it is free for use i.e if we use JSP or ASP we have to buy a paidhosting but in case of php it is not required because it is free and open source. If we writethe code in php we can use any text editor that is advantage for me while other languagedoes not provide that facility. php also does not operating system specific I and everyonecan use it on any of the operating system. The best feature of a coding language languageis that it should be object oriented and php holds that property. Php is very light weightedlanguage so it does not occupy a lot of space on you hosting site and thats why it is veryfast as compared to other languages.
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