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Task 1: BBQfun’s operational plan1.1 Legislative and Regulatory Context for BBQfun’s Operational PlanBBQfun has decided to implement a new e-commerce strategy for the websitedevelopment and implication of the improved functional analysis. The deployment of the websitefor BBQfun would help them in expanding their market further. The legislative and regulatorycontext for the e-commerce website development strategy includes‘Protecting Your Interests’,‘Ecommerce DataProtection’, and‘Protection of Customer’s Privacy Online’(Katuu andNgoepe 2015). These are some of the legislative and regulatory context that would be requiredfor the development of the effective e-commerce strategy at BBQfun. The security and privacyissues are the most prominent factor on which the legislative and regulatory context of BBQfunwould be formed.1.2 BBQfun’s Policy and Procedure for E-commerce Deployment Operational PlanBBQfun has to form some specific policy and procedure for implementing theoperational plan for e-commerce website. The integration of the activities would allow theformation of the support and development of the operations in the organization. The implicationof the system developed activities would allow the formation of the ‘Shipping and DeliveryPolicy’, ‘Refunds Policy’, ‘Online Advertising Compliance’,and‘Online Tax Collection(Kassenboehmeret al.2015). The deployment of the e-commerce operations would be helpfulfor forming the improved list of the activities suitable for the development of the improvedactivities. The policies and procedures developed would be helpful for forming the list of theeffective and improved activities of the operations. The policies and procedures are largelyrelated to the operations and functions of the organization.
1.3 Role of Operational Plan for Successful E-Commerce Strategy ImplementationOperational planning is done for forming a successive development of the activities thatcan be deployed for forming the benefits of sequential arrangement of the project operations(McKenzie 2017). The project of Implementation of E-commerce Websites for BBQfun wouldrequire operational planning of successfully deploying the website for the users of the improvedfunctional and analysis. The operational planning would be helpful for forming theimplementation of e-commerce strategy with the following benefits ofProactive Operations,Directional Operations,EfficiencyofOperations,Market ShareandProficiency, andDurableBusiness Development(Buettner, Reynolds and Rice 2016). The operational plan developmentwould allow the benefits of implementing the effective improved processing. Theimplementation of the operations would be implied the development of the effectivemanagement operations.1.4 Explanation and Justification of Operational PlansThe Implementation of E-commerce Websites for BBQfun would have to employeffective implementation model. The support and deployment of the activities would allow theintegration of the profound system development (Eskelin and Barclay 2015). The e-commercewebsite development would require the formation of the new operational plan because theexisting facility does not consist of the facility suitable for implementation of e-commercewebsite. The new strategies would consider the technical and operational requirement of theoperations.The implementation of the operational plan can be done by following PDCA cycle orPlan-Do-Check-Act cycle. The PDCA cycle would comprise of forming the accurate and
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