Assignment on Time Management Skills

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Task 1 LO1: (AC1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4)(Note: Any assignment not submitted in the given structure will not be marked)1.Using the SWOT analysis table below to evaluate your current level of knowledge, skill anddevelopment needs in the areas of:CommunicationInterpersonal skillsTime management skillsProblem solving skillsAbility to work in a team (AC 1.2)
SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHI feel that one of my strength that I havedeveloped is interpersonal skill. I am quitecomfortable in speaking with the patientsand engaging them in friendly conversationwhile trying to know their ailments at thesame time.Interpersonal skill is indeedvery much needed for the propermaintaining of this profession. This isbecause of the fact that dealing with thedisabled patients indeed needs somespecific. Interpersonal skills(Muralidhar &Karthikeyan 2016).. I try to ease them downthrough my conversation and then try toknow about their problems. I also makesure that i provide them both medical andemotional support as well.WEAKNESSTime management skill is one of myweaknesses that I need to work upon.Being a perfectionist I often slow down atsome point of time while making haste insome other point of time(Catherwood etal.,2015).. This often creates several errorsin the work.In order to deal with thedisable patients, time management skill isof utmost importance. Proper and timelyactions are to be taken for the propertreatment of the disable patients(Federici &Borsci 2016).
OPPORTUNITIESOne of my good opportunities is theproblem solving skill(Kuo et al., 2016). I am aperfectionist and I know how to solve theproblems and get the work done withaccuracy.Problem solving skill is one of myadvantages. Hence, i m must work on itand nurture it to my fullest potential(Chaudhary, Peddoju & Peddoju, 2016).THREATSOne of the areas that I need to improve inis the ability to work in ateam. I oftensuffer from lack of patience and lose mytemper over my team mates(Muralidhar &Karthikeyan 2016)..This is something that Imust avoid.I must know how to deal witheach and every aspect with properpatience. Moreover disable people are theones who need special care and attention.Hence, i need to keep my cool andmaintain my patience while dealing withthem(Picazo, 2013).
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