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Digital Logic Assessment Task

Added on -2019-09-13

The assessment task covers topics related to digital logic and Boolean algebra. It includes questions on binary sign/magnitude and twos complement, IEEE-754 format for floating points, Boolean algebra and digital logic to design and interpret digital circuits. The task also requires constructing a truth table and finding the minimized Boolean function to implement the logic. The circuit diagram is to be drawn for the Boolean function.
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Task1. Represent the following decimal numbers in both binary sign/magnitude and twos complement using 16 bits: -29. [2 Marks]2.A Computer uses IEEE-754 format to represent floating points. What value (in decimal) the computer represents if the floating point is represented using the following binary digits:[3 Marks]0 01111110 101000000000000000000003.X’Y + XYZ’ + Y’ + XZ (Y+Y’) = 1[2 marks]4.Charles Sturt University (CSU) academic director want to select students in Sydney Study Center to give them Gala Dinner Award. The recipienthas completed three subjects at least, two of them are core and the third is elective . Before he will select him,he must check three subjects. He has come to the following conclusions[5 Marks = 2+1+2]:· Giveif two of coreare High Distinction (HD) and elective subject is not.· Give if one of the core subject andelectivesubject are HD.· Don't hire otherwise.Construct a truth table and find the minimized Boolean function to implement the logic telling the director when to hire. Draw a circuit diagram for the Boolean function.
Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.RationaleThis assessment task covers topic 2 and 3, and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to:

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