Data Security Breach of MyFitnessPal: Analysis and Prevention


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Task 1: The cyber security breaches have become one of the most threatening factors for the internetusers. The users of internet often need to share their personal information over internet. However, due to increasing use of internet, everyday this huge amount of data , uploaded by the users arebeing exposed to thousands of security threats on regular basis. Although the sites on the internetare taking several steps to protect themselves from the security threats, still there are manyinstances which reveals vulnerability of the data shared on internet. The current research dealswith analysis on the recent incident of data security breach from the health app, MyFitnessPal. InMarch, 2018, the security of the personal data of the millions of MyFitnessPal users wascompromised. In the research , nature of the problem was analyzed and discussed. The researchalso includes discussion on how and why the problem has occurred. In this study, the researcherhas also discussed how the incident of security breach could have been prevented.Analyzing the problem:The fitness app, MyFitnessPal has approximately 150 million users. The app collects personaldetails of the users. Recently, in March 2018, the personal data of the 150 million users wasaffected due to the security hacks. As reported by the owner organization, Armour , it is one ofthe biggest security hacks in the history. As notified by the organization, Armour, the names ofthe users, their e-mail addresses and the passwords. In addition, the owner organization has alsoinformed that the payment details of the users were not affected due to the security hack. Theaccounts of the users were hacked in February, 2018. The incident of hacking reduced share ofthe organization down upto 3% in the after-hours trade. The company has not recognized thebreach till 25th march and informed its users 4 days later. Discussion on the cyber security breach of MyFitnessPal indicates that security of the financialdata of the users was not compromised. However, security breach of the e-mail addresses of theusers can have devastating effects. Stealing of the data stored by MyFitnessPal App is consideredas several times more valuable than the financial data stealing. The app, MyFitnessPal, storeshuge amount of personal data which can be effective for tracking an individual. The personalinformation regarding the individuals is considered as an excellent source of intelligence for thehackers. In case of MyFitnessPal app, the location as well as the performance of the individuals2

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