TASK 1. The required four tables, member, mechanic, app

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TASK 1The required four tables, member, mechanic, appointment and administration staff were created successfully.
TASK 2The data was populated in each of the four tables, as shown in below pictures –
TASK 3The relationships identified within the database are linked as follows –TASK 41.Find the first name, surname, suburb and phone of all the members who live in Lidcombe (donot show suburb in answer). Your query should arrange the data in ascending order of surname. Save the query as Suburb. Run the query. Take a screen print of the result and pasteit into the Word document. 2.Find the first name and surname of all the members that live in a postcode that ends with the digit “4”. Arrange the output of the query in descending order of first name. Save the query as Postcode.

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