Task 1. University grading system maintains number of t

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Task 1University grading system maintains number of tables to store, retrieve and manipulate studentmarks. These tables reside in a centrally or locally located server known as ‘GradeProcessing’.‘ITC521’ is one of the tables which contains following information/attributes for all the studentsenrolled in ITC521: ‘StudentID’, ‘StudentName’, Quiz', "‘Assignment1’, ‘Assignment2’, ‘ Assignment3’‘Exam’, 'Results' and 'Grade'. A sample of the table may look like as follows:StudentIDStudentNameQuizAssignment1Assignment2Assignment3ExamResultsGrade11111111X10080100909091HD22222222Y1006080808078DIWrite a JAVA program that would perform following tasks:Create Table:Create a table that is capable to store above information.Insert Record:If the user of your program wants to insert a record, your program should askfor all the fields of the record and insert them in the table.Search:The user of your program should be able to search a particular record by ID or anyother field.Update: The user of your program should be able to update any field/s of a particular record.The record in which the update operation needs to be done will be selected by Student ID.Calculate Results:The results of a student should be calculated using the following formula:Results = (Quiz * 0.05)+(Assignment1 * 0.15) +(Assignment2 * 0.2) + (Assignment3 * 0.10) +(Exam * 0.5)Calculate Grade:HD: Results>=85DI: 75<=Results<85CR: 65<=Results<75PS: 50<=Results<65FL: 75<=Results<50Task 2Write a JAVA program that would simulate a number of stopwatches (e.g. 4 stopwatches) times usingthe concept of Multithreading. The time of stopwatches increase on their own. Moreover, astopwatch’s time can be increased and decreased using specified keys from the keyboard. Pleasenote that, initially the time in each stopwatch would be zero. The time of all the stopwatches should bedisplayed in the screen in both text format and graphically. For each stopwatch design a GUI incircular shaped (like real stopwatch) for the graphical representation of time.
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