Task 1b. Feedback from tutors-: Feedback was given by t

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Task 1bFeedback from tutors-: Feedback was given by tutor to correct grammatical errors,spellings, resize fonts, headers & footers etc. Add more bullet points to create volume inthe findings. Some of the lines were not making sense hence I was required torestructure my words. Every minute details was incorporated in the task assigned.Feedback from friends-: Friends gave me feedback to retouch on certain graphicalelements & to present things in a broader aspects. They gave me visionary ideas & howto sync them in the task assigned. I noted all the points & have presented as discussed.Feedback from fellow peers-: After seeing their work & comparing with mine, I got theidea of missing points. They shared great ideas & easy ways to improve it. They alsopointed few irrelevant points which were added in the task & how to improve certainwordings to present it in an assertive manner.Task 1cFeedback from tutors-: Sometimes while presenting things in large audience I stammer,so I was told by my tutor to slow down, take a deep breath, visualize what I amspeaking & then present things. My tutor requested me to go step by step then pauserelax a while & then speak on the next topic. To remain focus & crystal clear was thekey.Feedback from friends-: After hearing my verbiage, they requested me to practice infront of mirror to get an eye on missing elements. Speech was not clear & required acorrect flow. In a daily routine, I speak with great energy & enthusiasm level, so theyrequested me to use this skill presenting things.Feedback from fellow peers-: As discussed & after seeing their piece of work inpresentation skills, I was suggested not to drag one topic & speak in length. Usedifferent levels of tones & variations in speech.Task 1dSelf evaluation of your interpersonal & Written Communication techniques.
Confidence got boosted after series of practicing sessionsWritten & spoken verbiage was fine-tuned as per the topic & environment. Initially it wasnot going at one flow & direction.Written communication was improved by adding more volume to the content &presenting it with graphics.While communicating with peers or colleagues, the variation in speech due to theenergy levels & different tones used to arouse curiosity in certain topics helped inimproving.Task 2Usage of 5 different IT application to aid communication.Word-processing software-: Through MS word document, we can document/record ourcomments in proper written communications. We can type all are written comments,resize or recolor. Insert picture, borders, shapes, tables to synchronize texts. We canalso design, use specific page payouts, add references or view in appropriate layouts.Presentation package-: By choosing MS PowerPoint, we communicate our written formin a graphical manner. Add designing, format pictures, hyperlinks or use anmations tofor a more visualizing effects.Email software-:Through MS Outlook we can check, send/receive emails, schedulemeetings or check dates by calendars & create folders or sub folders within the outlookdomain. Through MS outlook we can communicate formally & effectively to the desiredmailer.Excel software-: Through MS Excel we can analyze all the quantitative data intonumerical data or in grid manner synchronizing into tabular or through pivot charts,pictures etc. This comes handy to calculate, summarize findings into figures & foranalyzing data into numerically.One Note-: This a digital version of notebook used to gather & organize data or notes.One can also use to organize images, audio, video etc.Task 3Tasked with producing a beginners guide to a Microsoft Application.1)Open a Microsoft PowerPoint & click on new file.
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