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Social Network Support to Alzheimer's Patient

Added on - 23 Jul 2020

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TASK 22.2 How others in social networks mayprovide support to Alzheimer's patientIn Alzheimer's disease, individual looses hismemory and other important mentalfunction. This condition influences the lifeof patient as well as of those person who arerelated with him. If an individual will havethis problem then he will get morefrustration and anger. At initial phase ofthis, person can do things independently butin middle stage, they need some take careand at last stage, they do not able to giverespond to the environment. So in thissituation, they need support of many peoplelike professionals, family, communities etc.For handling this situation, there is no curewhich can make better but apart from this,there are various things by which thisdisease can be remove from roots.Support from family members-1.Relatives are those only who canhelp in reminding old things.2.For handling this situation, a healthyenvironment should be created athome so that patient will feel happyand will recover his memories.3.Diseased person should try to domind exercise by reading books,solving puzzles and any otheractivities in which he has to put hismind. These activities will aid inimproving existing conditions.Relatives should try do that things bywhich patient can recover old things.For example- Share life experienceand do that activities which was doneby patient in his old days.Support fromPort-haven CareHomes LLP-1.It should provide guidance to familymembers so that they can take careof patient effectively and efficiently.2.Care workers should organise thoseevents in which diseased person hasto put their mind. It will aid inimproving existing situation as wellwill improve their living standards.3.Professionals should providemediation according to therequirement. For example- If patientis getting more frustration then theyshould adopt non drug approach inwhich they will interact with patientcalmly.1
3.1 Possible organisational responses toneed to support dementia patientPort-haven Care Homes LLP is one of themost popular care home which providesbetter quality of services to their patient. Ithas a patient whose name is Mr. John who isfacing Alzheimer's disease. This type ofproblem generally occurs at older age butsometimes it may also face by youngerpeople due to various reasons. This issue ismore serious in nature because it impacts aperson mentally in which people loose theirmemory. So in this case, there is lots ofrequirement of care and attention. There aredifferent parties which give theircontribution in improving mental conditionof Mr. John in the following manner-Family- It plays an important role inimproving disease because people mostlyspend their time with their family. Mr. Johnwho have dementia problem, can be betterwhen his family will be supportive becauseif relative will cooperate then confidence ofpatient will be increased and then he willlearn various skills by which he can facevarious challenges.Communities- In given problem,patient forgets his address and wanders hereand there for finding out without knowingabout his destination. So in this situation,neighbours or relatives help to a greaterextent. They can give their attention on Mr.John whenever they will meet with him andcan also help him in reaching to right placeor findings their belongings.Port-haven Care Homes-Professionals can help Mr. John in thefollowing manner-Care workers should providedirection to his relative so that theycan know that what should be donefor handling this situation.They should also tell about varioustechniques by which he will be ableto collect memories.Experts ought to compose thoseactivities which will aid the patientin living in better condition.2
2.1 Effectiveness of organisational policiesand procedure in supporting AlzheimerpatientEvery organisation makes rules andregulation so that it can manage clientseffectively and efficiently. It is made formeeting the requirements of patient which isbased on the circumstances of the market.There is no things which is totally right thatmay have also limitations or benefit whichmakes distinguish business from others.Strategies may have following strengths andweaknesses-Strengths-It helps in providing services as perrequirements of clients.Generally, it focuses on providingsocial benefits rather than to itsadvantages.It charges amount for its services asper economic situation.It provides guarantee to the clientsthat they will get better facilities asper their requirement because it isthe principle arrangement of Port-haven Care Home.It also ensures that administrationswill be provided with poise andconfidentiality.Weaknesses-It has also someshortcomings that are as follows-It is adopting approaches that aresimilar to its competitors so it is notable to get attention of large numberof clients.Its strategy is not adopted by allmember that means it is not ablepresent their services effectively.There is no proper coordinationbetween diverse division and careworkers.Its strategy is not much effectivebecause this approach are not able tomaintain good relation with theircustomers as well as with those whoare concerned with this organisation.This strategy is very helpful inresolving issues by which it will beable to carry out its activitiessmoothly.3
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