Paper: Case of Plagiarism in UK news

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Executive SummaryThe plagiarism is one of the complex issues which in the ethics which need to be resolved by thecompany, universities, and colleges in order to protect the brand in the eyes of the customers.There are three cases which are related to the plagiarism issue, and it is discussed in the paper.The cases show that the plagiarism issue arises when the company and universities use theoriginal work which getting consent from the researcher. The first case is related to theplagiarism issue investigation in the universities of Britain, and it shows that the plagiarism isincreased in the past ten years. The second case is related to therampant plagiarism in the twojournals, and the third case is related to the detection of plagiarism in the University of Fort.
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the three cases of the plagiarism which are described in theUK news over the past ten years. All the three cases are analyzed and further concluded with theethical issues.The first case is related to the plagiarism issues in the universities of Britainwhich is a case of academic misconduct. The second case is related to the plagiarism in the twojournals, and the third case is related to the allegation of plagiarism to the University of Fort.Case: 1In this case, there are various universities who caught the investigation into the cheating at thevarious universities, and thousands of students are caught plagiarizing by giving bribery to thelecturers as well as buying the articles from the internet. In this case, there are total eight fouruniversities who were caught in the case of plagiarism and the news shows that the issue ofplagiarism has been raised from the year 2005-06 to the year 2009-10 (University cheatingleague table et al., 2017). It shows that in the England region the plagiarism has been increasedby double.Evaluation of caseIn this case, there are total eighty-four universities which lie in the England region and theirplagiarism issue has been increased in the past ten years. The case shows that the universities areviolating the principle of ethical which directly impacts on the goodwill of the universities. Thereare various companies which are included in the reports, namely, Kingston, Hull, Imperial,Greenwich, Hertfordshire, and others. The plagiarism issue is increased in the universities which
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