TASK. Part C – Project Management Internship Reflective

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TASKPart C – Project Management Internship Reflective PortfolioA reflective e-portfolio is a learning tool that enables you to accumulate evidence ofyour learning achievement.For this assessment you should reflect on your assigned daily activities and whetheryou met agreed outcomes.Your e-portfolio is based on the tasks you perform at the host organisation.*You should consider why those tasks helped you learn, what the learningexperiences comprises of and academic references to support your claim tolearning.*You should also relate your reflective activities to the unit learning outcomes.Purpose: to reflect on your tasks, what you learned, what your skill gaps were, whatreferences you used and what learning outcomes you achieved for the unit.Unit learning outcomes1.Apply project management knowledge and skills in the workplace2.Communicate an understanding of the relevant legal and ethical issuesrelated to the project management profession3.Work collaboratively in teams in the context of a workplace, either as memberof a project team, a project manager, or a shadow to a project manager4.Critically reflect on strengths and weaknesses in knowledge and skills relatedboth to project management and workplace experience.
1. IntroductionFor this project management internship, I was placed in Australian Centre of Further EducationPty Ltd (ACFE), which located at L5, 341-345 Queen Street Melbourne, Victoria Melbourne3000. Australian Centre of Further Education Pty Ltd (ACFE) was established in 2009, is anaccredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and CRICOS provider, offered programmesin dental technology, nursing, individual and ageing support, leadership and management,English for Academic Purposes Levels 1-3(ACFE, 2019).During the internship, I was involved in 3 projects: -1.ACFE new Dental Lab ProjectTimeline: October 2018 - April 2019ACFE building a new dental lab for student in Diploma of Dental Technology. The Dentallab equipped with the new equipment and can accommodate 20 students.2.ACFE 7-Year Re-registration ProjectTimeline: May 2014 - May 2019ACFE is in the process of extending the organisation registration with Australian SkillsQuality Authority (ASQA). The registration is subject to compliance with the VET QualityFramework.3.Graduate Management Awards Australia (GMAA) Sponsorship ProjectTimeline: September 2018 - August 2019Graduate Management Awards Australia (GMAA) Sponsorship Project under theleadership of internal audit team. With the number of MBA students graduating eachyear, the GMAA feels that as part of our renewal, it is a perfect opportunity to showcasethe calibre of Australian graduates. The GMAA Graduate Management Awards will beheld annually and recognise the most outstanding Master of Business Administration(MBA) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) graduates in Australia, and in thefuture, Australasia. It is anticipated that as the awards grow, prizes will be awarded atmultiple levels (university, state) leading to the major prize level (national). Prizes willalso be awarded on academic merit, as well as subject matter or attributes, according tothe current GMAA objectives (for example: Project Award).3|P a g e
2. Weekly reflectionsWeek &DateTask CompletedSkills and knowledge learnedReflectionWeek 118/03/2019Induction and Evacuation Policy &Procedures (P&P)make sure understand the procedures and know theactions in case of emergency.On the first day of internship, I met thesupervisor / ACFE CEO, Dr Darryl GauldOAM I was introduced with another internswho turn out from same program and sameuniversity. During induction, he showed usour room and desk.In the first week, Completed InductionProgramme, as per the itemised list oftasks. Work commenced on a variety ofprojects; some were in full flight, otherscommenced from Day 1. A sophisticatedset of PowerPoint slides, this include editingthe image, video, and audio were producedfor a No More Harm National Conference,25-26 Mar, Gold Coast, where Dr Gauld,CEO presented in this event. Work wascollaborated with the Diploma ofLeadership and Management students, e.g.to produce a List of Educational Providersthat offer MBA and DBA Programmes.Intern task list confirmationensure the task list align with project management.Standard Registered TrainingOrganisations 2015Learned the standard of Registered TrainingOrganisations for annual review within educationfactor.Self-Assessment Tools packageUnderstand the RTO and knowing what has beenapplied in the organisation, what are theevidence/prove, what are the opportunities forcontinuous improvement and if any further actionrequire.Dental labs tour/overviewgetting to know the equipment's and what still needto be complete for dental labs expansion plan. Aswell getting to know the important principal ofdental equipment'sGMAA project overviewgetting to know the purpose of this proposal, andwho are involved. As well gain access to create,design, update the GMAA website using WordPressACFE Moodle accessMoodle account has been set up for access to ACFEpolicy and procedures in relation to Self-AssessmentTools4|P a g e
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