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TASK1Learning Contract Level 5 ProjectSection 1: Student and course detailsName:Tutor:Project/Placement name:Project/Placement Design andImplementationSection 2: FocusAim/Problem StatementProject placement design and implementation (PPDI) refers to imitation of system orprocesses. It can be defined as method used for identifying probability of results whichcannot be predicted or analysed due to intervention from external variables. In this acondition is developed to understand its practicality with respect to real life scenario.Basically it refers to simulation and this kind of education and learning which is used withinorganisations as well as higher institutes so that practical aspects can be acknowledged. Herecase study of Davies Turner is taken which is an international Freight Forwarding companylocated in UK. It was established in the year 1870 having headquartered in London. Thecompany decides to working on a project of implementing Geographical Information system(GIS) with an objective to capture huge market share across worldwide and generate hugeprofitability.Learning contract refers to student completed and self-imposed document whichbounds actions the learner is taking during course of academic. Clear understanding ofproject contract will assist me to carry out each and every step as per mentioned details. Infuture it will assist me in execution of practical projects which will assist me in gainingrecognition and value within organisation at latter moment. By this I will be able to attainknowledge related with this aspect and how to deal with challenging situations as well aspredict results on basis of certain assumptions. Aim of this project is to implement theGeographical Information System within an organisation named as Davies Turner in order to
increase their existing market share and profitability. For this I need to have communicationskills, technical skills, problem solving, time management and team player. Furthermore, Ineed to be open to feedbacks given by my fellow mates and tutor. Moreover, skills will beidentified which needs to be developed.Learning OutcomesAs a result of this project I am able:1.Build a portfolio of evidence using a range of methodologies and activities (logbooks; critical incident diaries; employer or supervisor feedback).2.Identify and articulate the development of work related skills mapped to evidencedrawn from either the project or placement.3.Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the background and context relative tothe chosen project or placement opportunity.4.Evaluate the effectiveness of preparation and planning undertaken prior to theplacement or project implementation.Section 3: JustificationPurpose of organisation to start a project regarding implementation of GIS(Geographical Information System) in order to capture huge market share across worldwideand generate huge profitability. This system assists an organisationto capture, store,manipulate, analyse, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. It will also assistorganisation to gain overall enhancement in their performance, decision making andresolution of conflicts. In this competitive environment, organisations have opted for goingonline and has moved towards implementation of modern system that allows them to reach towide area of market. The project is based on simulation. Simulation refers to action orimitation of exact or probable situation to forecast outcomes of specific conditions. For thisindividual need to possess decision making skills, problem solving ability, technical skillsand ability to work in team. Simulation within GIS provides environment where analysis canbe understood, communicated and verified. It gives clear insights related with criticalsystems. Based on this perception if organisation is successful in accomplishment of project,then they can have growth opportunities which will lead to high rate of employment.While working within a team will provide individual a range of knowledge andanalyse opinions of different people. It will also assist in development as a person due to thefact that people possess different knowledge by this I can attain knowledge and also will able
to work within environment where both affirmative and antagonistic people will be present.Furthermore, for measurement of performance I will have reviews and feedback from fellowmates as well as tutors. With this I am sure that I will be able to improvise my skills and canbe competent in terms of decision making, will be able to acquire IT skills which are must insimulation and enhance my research skills. These skills will provide me growth opportunitiesin future perspective as well as it will also help me at present scenario. As by possessing timemanagement skills I will be able to accomplish my assignments and projects within stipulatedtime as well as take relevant steps accordingly.By making use of learning contract, an agreement can be created among teacher andstudent. It specifies goals which individual have to attain, obligations, time for theiraccomplishment as well as various conditions will be analysed which were mentioned oncontract. It also acts as a reflection in terms of on-action and in-action. It will aid me toevaluate skills where individual succeeded and where they failed while carrying task of skillsdevelopment. By this module learner can develop and improvise skills related withembedded, transferable skills and can have broad understanding with respect to professionalscenario.By this, I can possess updates related with technological skills by whichemployability prospect with respect to other candidates will be enhanced. Continuousmeetings with deliberates, maintaining record of events and sourcing of research are commonpractices will occur within team. By analysing research which will be stored in documentedform will help to accomplish learning outcomes of project. Furthermore, knowledge can beattained in terms of simulations where reality is copied in system to identify their impacts.This will have strong impact on decision making. Consider an example to understand thisaspect suppose is about to provide online services to their customers so that they can enhancetheir customer base.Davies Turner is an international Freight Forwarding company. Here,they will simulate their current customers as well as different demographics will beconsidered to identify potential customers. Furthermore, they can use GIS to analyse whichsector of city is addicted to services provided by online business. This will assist individual tohave strong decision making skills.Section 4: MethodsI have chosen this project to acknowledge different aspects through which I canenhance my skills as well as have enhanced growth opportunities by working on technical
skills which I do not possess. At present scenario, simulation is widely used as it runfluctuations within calculation related with configuration of product and risk assessment sothat structure can be identified. It is the best option for acquiring work based learningknowledge. This is my area of interest as GIS provides information services related withdifferent aspects related with analysis, planning and it also comprises of plotters, digitizers.By this I can attain wide experience with an opportunity for employment options. Withinlearning contract omissions and errors are acceptable as it is a learning process. This will helpin assessment and analysis of information which is associated with alterations which canoccur while working professionally.
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