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1TAXI BOOKING APPChoosing Pre-existing apps over Purpose built appsThere have been tons of debates over the years regarding the purchase and use of theright application when it comes to managing business foundations. In this case study, anotherof the same situation was come across. The Taxi Company stakeholders were in littledilemma over whether they should go with a pre-existing application that fulfills their scopeof requirements, or should they try to build a custom made application of their own from thevery scratch.Purpose built applications are sometimes preferred more over their counterpart pre-existing applications. Purpose built apps can be made by keeping in mind all the core detailsand requirements of a business. However, there are a lot of cons that come with purpose builtapplication when it comes to a small business system. Here, choosing a pre-existingapplication might come in handy. Even though it is possible that the chosen existingapplication might not have all the features as needed by the client, but they are in demand ofan android application, the source code of the purchased application can always be toyed withand modified on wish. Therefore, the Premium Corporate Cabs representatives are advised tomodify and use an existing application to represent their business system online.These applications are sometimes known as off-the-shelf applications. These aregenerally highly robust as compared to newly built custom applications. These applicationsare thoroughly tested and used in the past. When a company purchases and starts using theapplication, it is believed that the application has already gone through many updates and bugfixes. These applications have been there for a longer period of time and have growntremendously in terms of their usability and security features. Another one of the biggestreasons over choosing a pre-existing application is that they can be afforded at a cheaper ratecompared to purpose-built applications, where tons of resources are required in the
2TAXI BOOKING APPdevelopment process and also the time frame from the development is often inexplicable.These too have been built keeping in mind the business needs of many a customers and hencethey come with several built-in features.Business Process ModellingAS-IS ModelTO-BE ModelBusiness Process ReengineeringInspired from the recommendations from Vom et al., 2015, the business will bechanged by vast margins on implementation of the new business model. The current businessmodel is considered to be outdated in the modern tech-savvy society. The existing businessmodel as depicted by the AS-IS model in figure 1 above, shows that there is however no useof Information technology in the whole process. The business is carried out over the use oftelephonic conversations. Data is stored manually in the computers which possess tons ofusability and security threats. The model is discarded in the modern society as users
3TAXI BOOKING APPnowadays do not have all the time in the world to wait on a call until the business siderespondent takes up his or her call and makes a booking. This also wastes a lot of financialresources of the company and also the customers that they are dealing with. As the companyis growing, so is the customer base. Therefore, with the increase in customers, theresponsibility of the company to upgrade to systems that can satisfy them is also increasing.The new system that is being recommended will consist the use of informationtechnology means to conduct the business process. The use of an android application, that isbeing thought about will help the company to bring down the entire business process underone roof. Customers will no longer need to call and wait for their taxis to be booked duringemergency situations, neither will the company have to invest in call handling. This willallow the business to build a larger customer base. The business can also expand itself basedon the applications features. The online system will also ensure that the data is maintained ona parallel scale over the business system in secured network architecture. In addition, this willgive the business representatives to make tie-ups with interested Hotels. This will createawareness about the application and the business as whole and help in its growth bothfinancially and regarding to popularity. The contact details from the logged in customers canbe used in the process of ethically informing them about the offers and other promotionalcampaigns from the company. In addition, this will help to create a strong customer base forthe company, who can be later trusted upon for reviews and improvement recommendations(Turban et al., 2018).On using such apps, many business foundations have boomed to great heights in therecent past. Dube (2015), says the Uber Technologies Inc is one of the greatest examples.They are now globally acclaimed for cab services in almost 700 cities, worldwide. Havingstarted off as a small cab rental service provider, they currently have over 12,000 employeesall over the world and is worth 15.7 Billion.
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