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Part-1The paper discusses anatomy and physiology of potato plant which is developed from a modifiedstem. The anatomy of potato plant study reveals that it is made of leaves and underground stems.The leaves part of the plant remains above the ground while underground stem part creeps belowthe ground and later modifies into tubers which on complete germination develop potatoes. Thephysiology of potato plant says that potato plant leaves accumulate starch by photosynthesis andis then transferred to developing potato tubers, which utilize those as an energy source during itsgrowth period (Akoumianakis et al., 2016).The anatomy of potato plant is different from the standard root, stem, leaf, or flower. Thestandard root, stem, leaf, or flower gives rise to plants under normal development process, butthe growth of potato plant is not from seeds, it takes place from the stem.One of my classmates has chosen for tomato plant which produces tomatoes as fruits, and theseare developed from the seeds of tomato flowers.Part-2Animals play an integral part in human’s life apart from being a commercial source of incomethey have marked their impression in transforming lives of people. Animals such as dogs areused as pet animals who are considered to be chasers and hunters of unknown people.The most interesting aspects of animals are that they offer numerous emotional benefits tohumans. Animals are found to assist human with their daily activities; they let us abstainourselves from worries or problems and focusing our attention towards relaxation.
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