Teacher’s comment on the essay ‘ immigration’ he needs a final

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Teacher’s comment on the essay ‘ immigration’ he needs a final draft for the essay“Two things. First, where are the people? History is the culmination of words and deedsof individual people. Populate everything you do with people. Second, you need tocritically analyze the evidence. Not all evidence was created equally. Everything has abias and the author must identify the bias or even a potential bias. Explain to the readerwhy the bias exists then argue why, nonetheless, that the evidence is still important tosupport or forward your thesis. A good example is the autobiographical book on aperson's role, experiences, and observations as a member of a president's cabinet oradvisers. Dick Cheney wrote such a book about his eight years as President Bush's VicePresident. The possible bias is that Cheney will put himself in the best light and thus theevidence he produces may be tilted. However, he was the VP for eight years thus hisobservations are important, even if possibly biased.”
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