Teaching Functions with Dynagraphs Assignment

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Running head: MATH ACTIVITY 0MATH ACTIVITYName of StudentInstitution Affiliation
MATH ACTIVITY2Module 4[Relation and Functions]Title: Teaching functions with Dynagraphs to students.TaskThe fundamental concepts in mathematics are the functions.it is a repeated exploration thatstudents encounter on their daily basis when dealing with mathematics.In the grades that wasdeveloped earlier students were given list of outputs and inputs as functions in activities in theclassroom.Guess my rule was one the activity that was given to students in this grades[ CITATIONJMC10 \l 1033 ]. Constructionof a single rule was to be done by the students that aids in thetransformation of the value to inputs that corresponds to the values at the output as shown below.In the activities that subsequently used by the students,a consideration that was made such that afunction as machine where the input for a given output is provided as shown in the figure below.In middle grades functions like plotting of the pairs on coordinate planes and evaluation is doneon specific x values as shown in the figure below.
MATH ACTIVITY3With the two representations above, there is no proper layout on the nature of the functiondynamically.but instead this representation has given the static and discrete nature of the outputand the input.DynagraphsThe figure below shows the representation of the dynagraphs that can be used in stead of therepresentation that previously mentioned.The values of the input of the unknown function are represented by the point at the bottom line.For a given input,the corresponding values of the output representation is done by the upperpoint. When dragging is done to the bottom point,conjecture are made by the students withregards to the input-output relationship[ CITATION Joh08 \l 1033 ]. For example, with the graphabove the following relationships were obtained.
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