Teaching Students with Reading Difficulties

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Running head: HIGHER EDUCATIONHIGHER EDUCATIONName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1HIGHER EDUCATIONIntroductionThe critical account will focus about how I struggled and cope up with my learningdifficulties during thetaught session, as I am a visually impaired student with problems invisualising distant things, as I need larger fonts to learn things. (Ajuwonet al.2016). Prior tothis it will also reflect how my professor helped me out with the assessment criteria beforethe final assessment and helped me out with different learning procedures. This has helpedme to score good marks and increased my level of confidence.DiscussionI love studying biology,but I struggled, with the last few lectures because of mydisability. As for this, I always used to lose myconcentration levelwhile reading; sometimesI need to move my head awkwardly. As a result, while I was trying to understand a particulartopic, the lecture moved to another topic. As my assessment was drawing near, I was worriedabout the online exam that how to pass my semester with distinction. Prior to this, accordingto the Equality Act 2010, schools and universities are bound to make certain adjustmentsstudents withvisually impaired students(Datta and Palmer 2015). Meanwhile, my professorwent through my assessment criteria and has decided to help me out with the lectures. Priorto this, my professor decided to put up some materials related to the topic online, throughwhich I got accessed to variety of learning materials and resources. He also advised me someonline sites from which I could avail all the necessary resources for my semester exam.Furthermore, practical sessions were really interesting as I got to do various lab activities(Luckner, Bruce and Ferrell 2016). As I went through the practical worksheetmore often,I
2HIGHER EDUCATIONgot acquainted with the activity and when my professor has asked me to lead the group tocheck my learning skills, which I performed it confidently.As the exam was getting closer, my University tutor asked to visit the online site forRoyal National Institute for the blind for getting various tips for learning things such aslearning tips through other senses, learn to look things differently by adjusting the otherenvironmental factors such as lightening, colour and more (Michaelson, Matz and Morgan2015). Moreover, my specialist tutor has also altered the changing position of the students,withvisually impairedstudents sitting in front followed by others. Apart from this, myprofessor has also assigned different techniques such as providing the Braille text book thatmakes things simpler and easy to learn. Moreover, in order to help me out with the learningskills, my professor started reading out things louder written on the board. The slides thatwere being provided to me by my lecturer were in bright colours, so that I could easilyunderstand the content.Different other facilities were also introduced by my University inorder to support me with my impaired vision such as training procedure for academic writing,sessions for drop-in, hand-outs materials and more (Ahmad 2015). Thus, with the help ofBraille system, drop-in sessions, screen-reader software, my professor helped me to recognisestudents with difficulties in learning.On the final day of my exam, I was bit nervous at thebeginning, but then my confidence level has increased and successfully completed myassessment. Furthermore, I was also allotted extra 25% time to complete my self-assessmenttest.It is important to note that the help I received from the University and my professor,helped me get through my study materials, but then the University and my professor couldinitiate other strategies that would have been more beneficial for students like me. The socialdevelopment theory presents a brief framework that includes the time of practice in order to
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