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Productivity and Innovation Level in Country: Article

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Added on  2019-09-18

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Productivity and Innovation Level in Country: Article_1
Summary of the article The article talks about the interaction between growth in the productivity levels and innovationof a country and this interaction is related to the policy that the government of Canada adopted inthis field. So, basically the article tries to re-examine that. The author of this article believes; thatfor raising the standards of living of the people of a country, the growth in the productivity levelis required and the improvements in the level of productivity can be improved only if the countryfocuses on the innovation. Many countries have a trust in this theory and thus they havedeveloped the relevant policy frameworks for encouraging the innovation. Many people carry anopinion that R&D is important to achieve if the nation wants to grow and for that, thegovernments of the various nations need to adopt the ‘best’ policies or measures. Here in thisarticle, the author has particularly picked the Canadian issue at hand because there are someroadblocks that are not enabling Canadian government to raise their R&D spending. But, thearticle also talks about the possible solutions and the fiscal reforms that can help the nation(Ottawa) in achieving its goal.
Productivity and Innovation Level in Country: Article_2

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