Team Dynamics Peer Review

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Running head: TEAM DYNAMICSTeam DynamicsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1TEAM DYNAMICSPeer ReviewTeam dynamics can be defined as the psychological and the unconscious forces,which determine the direction of the team’s performance and behavior (Kozlowski et al.2015). The concept of team dynamics is determined by the nature of the work in which theteam is participating, the kind of individuals who are participating in the activities, theenvironment of the place where the team activity is taking place, the kind of social bondswhich the members of the team share among themselves and various other factors.I was a part of team recently, which worked over the trimester for a fund raising eventfor the UNICEF. The program was intended not only to raise sufficient amount of funds forthe disabled people as well as the children with learning disability but also to raise awarenessamong the people regarding those concepts. The team comprised of members from variousdiverse age groups as well as educational and cultural backgrounds. The overall performanceof the team was satisfactory and we were able to generate sufficient amount of funds throughour activities over the trimester.According to Patrick Lencioni, the found of the Tata Group, “Behavior isComunication” and he lists five factors, namely trust, conflict, accountability, commitmentand results as the basic concepts of an effective team behavior (Lucey et al. 2012). I wouldlike to comment that our team followed all these five factors for the achievement of the goalset by us. The overall coordination of the team was very effective and all the members of theteam shared a kind of trust among each other. Moreover, each one of us was accountable forthe behavior of the entire team. It is true that there were some instance of conflict amongsome members of the team but they were quickly resolved and all worked towards theachievement of the common goal set by us.
2TEAM DYNAMICSTeam participation can be defined as the process, which ensures that each member ofthe team participates in the activities of the team and works harmoniously towards theachievement of the common goal (Teng and Chen 2014). It is to be noted that there wasactive participation on the part of almost all the members of the team and in case there wasany discrepancy the issue was quickly resolved by our leader. The role played by our leaderwas important and he ensured that the entire team worked together for the achievement of thecommon goal.Self-management, can be defined as the process by means of which the variousindividuals of the team work independently to learn new things and take responsibility fortheir individual actions (Solove 2012). Our leader always emphasized the importance of theconcept of self-management and asked us to learn new things, which could help us in theachievement of the goals set by us. He also taught us the value of taking responsibility for ourown individual actions, which helped us individually and indirectly our entire team over thecourse of the entire trimester.It is to be noted that an important aspect of teamwork is to learn new things as well asimplement them together for the collective good of the entire team. This concept was alsotaught to us by our leader who emphasized on the importance of working together within theteam for the achievement of the goal. It is also to be noted that the team environment alsoprovided us with an effective environment where we were able to learn from our teammatesand implement them for the achievement of our goal. The diverse background of theindividuals was initially an impediment however, later on as we got to know each other in amore better way we were able to work together as a combined cohesive unit (Carbaugh2013).
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