MMM 211 Team Dynamics Written Reflection

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Deakin's Bachelor of Commerce and MBA are internationallyEPAS accredited.Deakin Business School is accredited byAACSB.MMM – 211T32017Assessment 3 – Peer assessment and self-reflectionDUE DATE AND TIME:Due Week 11, February 2, 2018 by 11.59pmPERCENTAGE OF FINAL GRADE:30%Learning Outcome DetailsUnit Learning Outcome (ULO)Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)ULO 2:Utilising existing frameworksdemonstrate an understanding ofand distinguish between effectiveand ineffective team behaviour.ULO 3:Recognise and reflect on yourteam and your team membersparticipation over the trimester.GLO6: Self management: Working and learningindependently and taking responsibility for personalactions.GLO7: Teamwork: working and learning with others fromdifferent disciplines and backgrounds.Assessment Feedback:Students who submit their work by the due date will receive their marks and feedback onCloudDeakin following the final release of results period.Description / RequirementsStudents will:1.Peer review each of your team members’ contribution to both the team dynamics and thereport proposal - 500 -1000 words, 10 marks.2.Submit a written self-reflection, on their experience of working in a team over the trimesterusing Tuckman’s model of group dynamics as the framework - 1500- 2000 words, 20 marks.TASK:
1.This assessment requires you to complete an individual reflection that addresses yourexperiences of working in a team over the trimester. Using Tuckman’s model as theframework for their answer, students will reflect on their journey and the relationship withother team membersusing theory taught throughout the trimester to underpin theircomments.Students who merely tell the story of the trimesterwill not pass thisassignment.We are looking for students to reflect on the good, the bad and the ordinary, using thetheory taught throughout the trimester to ‘explain’ what has been happening in yourteam.2.You are also asked to rate each of your team members’ contributions across ALL teamactivities for Modules 1-8 AND the Team Project and to also provide a paragraph or two thatreflects your views on the ‘equity’ of the contributions between team members and theassignment.PEER REVIEW1.Please complete and submit the peer review table on the next page.2.Also provide a paragraph or two that reflects your views on the ‘equity’ of the contributionsbetween team members and the reward (assignment mark) that should be given.Please note: Mac computers may be problematic with this table. You may need to manuallyfill it in and upload it.Page2of4
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