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Technical Analysis Definition

Added on - 23 Mar 2020

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DECISION SUPPORT TOOLSAssessment - 3[Pick the date]Student id and name
Question 1(a)(b)(1)Optimist will select share market which is apparent from the below highlighted table:(2) Pessimist will select bonds which are apparent from the below highlighted table:(3) By taking the effect of criteria of regret the selected investment would be Real Estate whichare apparent from the below highlighted table (Mittra, 2006).
(4) Computation of expected monetary values for investment options is highlighted below:Highest expected monetary value is for “Bonds” hence, this is the best option for investment.(5) Expected value of perfect informationQuestion 2(a)Profit computation for each shop
It is apparent that large shop would result prominent profit and therefore, Jerry should open alarge bicycle shop.(b)Table to represent prior probability revisionThe prior probability revision for favourable case
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