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Technical Writing Documents: Example

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Added on  2020-03-07

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SET TASK1. Collect 5 different examples of technical writing documents. Describe the presentation ofeach document. Does it create an immediate positive impression? Are the major topicshighlighted? Is the text easy to read? Is it justified or aligned to the left? Are there anygrammatical errors? Do ideas flow in a logical sequence? Are the graphics clear and relevant?Is there a glossary or reference source attached? Does it reflect thoughtful visual design? Isthere ample white space? Is the message clear? How is the document formatted: does it havea table of contents, executive summary or abstract, appendixes, glossary, references etc?Examples of 5 different kinds of technical writings namely User Guide, Quick StartGuide, White Paper, Release Notes and Policy Manual were chosen for this study. Theexamples chosen are mentioned in references. 2. Imagine you are a professional technical writer. You have been given a brief from anarchitect to re-write a floor plan for a major shopping centre in a style that is easilyunderstood by the builder and the architect’s client. Plan the document’s headings and layout(what the document will look like overall). You do not need to write any of the content. ASSIGNMENT1. List the contents of each of the documents you analysed in Set Task 1.In each case, state your opinion as to:Whether or not the contents are clearly defined (easy to find)Whether or not the content is what you expected from the title of the documentWhether the document helps or does not help the reader locate information in it.Whether it contains all the parts that are expected or required for such a document (Thesemay include some or all of the following: table of contents, executive summary or abstract,appendixes, glossary, references etc).Explain your reasoning.Contents of first paper are important safety instructions, about this manual, Kirby micromagic HEPA filtration, getting started, upright & portable cleaner, canister cleaner andattachments, optical accessories, operating/maintenance Tips. All the contents are clearlydefined with sub headings to each contents and relevant graphics. The contents in the documentis as expected. The document helps to locate the information easily and has an index whichmakes it easier to locate the information. The document has no glossary or reference but it isnot required for such a document.Contents of the second paper are the parts and use of Raspberry Pi quick start guide,ways to set up the Raspberry Pi and the ways of preparing the SD card for use with RaspberryPi. All contents are clearly defined and the document has relevant graphics, the document issmall enough to locate information but the document has no table of contents, references,glossary, index or appendix. But the contents presented in the text is relevant and is as expectedfrom it.The contents of the next paper are Introduction, Limitations of fixed function hardwaremodems, Nvidia software defined modem, deep execution processor architecture, benefits ofNVIDIA software defined radio, conclusion, appendix and document revision history. All the
Technical Writing Documents: Example_1
contents are clearly defined with relevant graphics and locating information in the document isnot that easy as no index is provided. The document doesn’t have an executive summer,reference, glossary or index.The fourth paper has the following contents AMD product support, operating systemssupported, new features, resolved issues for windows vista, resolved issues for windows XP,resolved issues for windows 7, Web Content, known issues under windows vista, known issuesunder windows XP, known issues under windows 7, installing Catalyst Vista software driverand Catalyst crew driver feedback. All the contents are clearly defined with relevant graphicsbut locating information in the document is not that easy as no index or page number isprovided in the table of contents. The document does not have a glossary, reference or index. The next document has the following contents employment definitions and provisions,employment cycle, compensation policies and information, employee benefits, training,assignment protocol, incident reporting and PESG employee corrective action, safety andrelated policies, required and optional training, additional PESG policies, miscellaneousprovisions, PESG contacts and PESG, AESOP training and LLC 401(K) plan summary plandescription. The contents are very well defined and as expected form the document title. Thecontent of the document is extensive so locating information is not hard but if index wasprovided it would have been easier. The document is well written but most of the graphics lackclarity. The document has no glossary, reference, conclusion, appendix or index. An index,glossary and appendix should have been provided. 2. Describe the presentation of each document you analysed in Set Task 1. Consider suchfactors as:Creating an immediate positive impressionClear identification of main ideasEasiness to readConsistency of formatting and layoutUse of visual designUse of white spaceAppropriateness and clarity of fonts and formattingAppropriateness of tone and style of presentation.The presentation by Kirby Home Care System (2012) is a user manual which starts with atitle page, congratulation message to the customer, important safety instructions and table ofcontents. Then the main text of the document is presented after which there is a question andanswer for troubleshooting problems. There is a well written index at the end. The manual iswell written with a large number of figures for better understanding the contents and itdefinitely creates a positive impression. The major topics are highlighted and the text is easyto read. The text is aligned to left, there are no grammatical errors and the contents arearranged in a structured manner. The paper contains clear and relevant graphics, with goodvisual design, ample white space and a well written index, but the paper has no glossary orreferences. The presentation by Raspberry Pi (2013) is a quick start guide which doesn’t have anytitle page, acknowledgement or table of contents. It starts with a graphics showing the variousparts and uses of the Raspberry Pi module which is simple and to the point. It then describesthe method to setup the module which is tabulated clearly. Then it describes the procedure tomount SD card when the module is used with various operating systems. The paper containsno index, glossary or references. But for a quick start guide it is well written with the text
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