Assignment on Technology and World Change

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Running head: TECHNOLOGY AND WORLD CHANGETECHNOLOGY AND WORLD CHANGEName of StudentName of UniversityAuthor Note
1TECHNOLOGY AND WORLD CHANGEThe evolution of technology over the yearshas brought about radical transformations inalmost all aspects of life. The first technological advancements date back to pre-historic timeswhen humans applied their rationale to invent new tools and equipments that would enhancetheir efficiency in achieving any desired target (Usher 2013).The invention of poweredmachines root to the basic need of substituting physical labour with machine-driven performanceremotely controlled by humans. Latest technological developments have given rise to automatedmachines that do not require any human supervisor to function properly. While technologycontinues to bring changes in daily lives, this essay concentrates on its evolution in respect tomilitary equipments.Dawn of civilization was soon followed by clashes within and between various groupsand tribes. Mastering at the art of warfare required innovative instruments, giving birth to bowsand arrows, the first recorded weapons in the history of civilization. The 9thcentury saw theinvention of gunpowder which was one of the most revolutionary advancements in the field ofmilitary and took the technology of warfare one step ahead of others (Dincecco and Onorato2016). Soon after the invention of gunpowder a variety of explosive weapons like fire arrows,tanks and bombs replaced primitive weapons like bows and arrows. Technology further evolvedin the 18thcentury to give rise to under water weaponry like submarines and under waterwarships, which effectively changed the contemporary naval warfare scenario (Capecchi 2013).The Germans were the first to extensively use submarines during the first world war, to destroyand sink opposition warships.The main objective behind technological advancements has always been to replacemanual labour with mechanical efficiency and accuracy. Unmanned vehicles or robots areusually controlled by Artificial Intelligence or remotely controlled by human supervisors. The
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