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Running Head: TECHNOLOGY IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT1Technology in Software DevelopmentNameInstitution
TECHNOLOGY IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT2Technology in Software DevelopmentTask 1What is software technology?Software technology refers to the development of software through phases in aprogressive organized manner. The software engineering process involves coding, settingobjectives and preparation of equipment outlining information to be coded, and verification thatthe end product meet set objectives (Modi, Singh & Chauhan, 2017).The general softwaredevelopment stages are six. These are Identification of required programming, Analysis of theproduct requirements, Determination of detailed software requirements, Software coding,Testing, and Maintenance (Šmite, Moe, Šāblis & Wohlin, 2017).In most cases, development ofsoftware technology is often the outcome of the need for innovative technology in thecommercial sector, or it may also be meant to solve a specific problem in the businessenvironment.What’s new in software developmentSoftware technology continues to witness rapid development of smart tools likeArtificial Intelligence solutions like chatbots, cloud computing, and predictive analysis. Manyorganizations over many different types of enterprises are already using these offerings. Theseprograms all are designed to help businesses interact better with their clients and improve thecustomer relationship, regardless of whether that client is in the workplace, the store or thespecialist's office (Frank, Pring, & Roehrig, 2017).These innovative solutions will wind up asstandard devices all over, will overcome the divide between people and computers, mimickinghuman performance and may even replace them. If you are involved in software development or
TECHNOLOGY IN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT3application, you need to keep abreast of what is new in the fast-evolving world of softwareengineering.In the journalNew Media & Society,Borahdiscusses emerging software technology andgives projected future directions. Here are the trends outlined that will most likely influence thesoftware development technology in the future:Mobility:Majority of people incline toward mobile applications to websites, and they need thatexperience, functionality, and experience to move with them on their gadgets. Along these lines,having a responsive site won't be sufficient and organizations will keep on transferring theirbusiness exercises onto mobile applications.Demand for online security:Because of the developing measure of users sensitive informationand open APIs, personal data becomes susceptible to cyber crimes like cracking cloud storage,hacktivism, Internet of Things takeover and corporate blackmail. This will demand safety effortsto extend both in extension and complexity.Internet of Things (IoT):Internet of Things is a development towards interfacing things to theweb that regularly would not be available online. Things like a car engine, fridge or otherappliances can send and get information. There is no better approach it apart from implementingsoftware technology where none exists. With the advancement openings that IoT has broughtabout, there are reasonable worries about privacy matters. Alongside the development of thistool, engineersshouldroll out critical improvements to protect data online.Organizations and businesses deploy carefully developed software technologies. Thecustomized software solutions enable them to provide the products or services worldwide in aninstant. In case you're endeavoring to push ahead in the face of cutthroat competition is
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