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Autonomous Vehicles: Technology and Cyber Security

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Added on  2019-09-23

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Autonomous vehicles are the future of transportation, but they are susceptible to cyber attacks. This article explores the technology behind autonomous vehicles, including sensors and AI, and the need for cyber security to protect the critical infrastructure. It also discusses the cyber defense mechanisms used in autonomous vehicles and proposes guidelines for improving motor vehicle cyber security.
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Technology Review #2: Autonomous VehiclesIntroductionThe vehicle which does not requires the physical human Interface to control the functionalitiessuch as accelerator, moving direction control, use of braking to stop etc comes under thecategory of autonomous vehicle series. In simple term autonomous vehicle does not have thedriver assistance for moving on the road, ser or in air. Google has discovered a autonomous car that runs on the road without the driver control. Thismeans there is no driver assistance by the human being to drive the car on road. The first part ofautonomous vehicle is sensing. The common sensor which is used with the autonomous vehicleis Laser Based Radar (LIDAR) (Pomerleau, 1996). The problem of LIDAR is its cost to deploywith the autonomous vehicle. GPS and sensor such as inertial measurement unit (IMU). Thecentimeter level accuracy is defined by combining the data from GPS, IMU and LIDAR tolocalize the vehicle.Literature Survey To avoid obstacles some more sensors as radar are implemented with autonomous vehicle. Thissensor detects the obstacles in front of vehicle when all other sensors fail to detect the obstacles.Basically, this sensor detects the obstacles when the vehicle is apart from 10 meters of theobstacles. Therefore, this sensor avoids he vehicle accidents from obstacles. In general the Artificial intelligent systems are deployed in the autonomous vehicles to beautonomous while running on the path. The major characteristics of autonomous vehicle is that it runs without the intervention andsupport of any user . The intelligence is implanted by technology to operate the vehicle withoutsupport of any operator or (Shladover, 2009) user.The autonomous vehicles are Artificial Intelligence based self monitoring capable for therunning. There are three major components for the perception of the autonomous vehicles. Thefirst component is localization. This localize the vehicle and on he basis of localizationinformation the decision about the navigation is taken. Second component is recognition of the
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object. To recognize the object deep learning capabilities are enforced into the system ofautonomous vehicle to recognize the objects. For deep learning the camera data is taken torecognize the object around the vehicle. Third component of autonomous vehicle is racking ofobject. The proceeding vehicle is doing what is recognized by deep learning based objecttracking system in autonomous vehicle. The technology behind the autonomous vehicle is artificial intelligence. This technology hasability to implant the artificial intelligence to make the system capable to dynamic and situationbased decisions. The artificial intelligence also explores the functional intelligence through themachine learning and perception enforcement into the system of autonomous vehicle. The rulebased decision engine functionalities are catered the intelligent system having he capability todrive the decision efficiently whenever system asks or requires. The systematic collaboration ofone system to other system such as the engine collaboration with braking system, acceleratingsystem, moving direction oriented path ect are mainly a intelligent functional aspects derivedfrom the artificial intelligent algorithms for the autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicle is atechnology whereas the critical infrastructure related with the network that are used tocommunicate the sensitive information of the autonomous vehicle during the research anddevelopment. The corporate risk managers expresses the serious concern behind the cybersecurity as known as the fleet of the future (Bellatti, J., Brunner, A., Lewis, J., &Annadata, P,2017) . The cyber criminals can hijack the autonomous car electronics for the intent of crash andaccident. Self driving cars are susceptible to the hackers. The vulnerabilities are imposedthrough the cloud interface network control that is used to connect the autonomous car withexternal world. The external network such as cloud is required to internet connectivity formanagement of the functionalities of the car. This relies over the outside sensors for making thedecisions which can be hijacked by hackers.The technology can be used to manage these risks of hijacking the sensors and electronics but itproduces too much complexities in the system. The quick and timely decisions are very muchrequired to handle the functional aspects of the autonomous vehicles such as cars. Thetechnology like vehicle autonomous is not the solution for the cyber security. Anothertechnology such as information security technologies are required here to provide the optimal
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