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Running head: TED TALKS1Task DescriptionNameStudents Affiliation
TED TALKS2What did you learn from these talks? What arguments does the speaker use to explaintheir idea?From Sir Ken Robinson talk, I learned that our current education system needs change inorder to obtain best results. I also learned that as human beings we are naturally dynamic andinherently creative and that the curiosity of our children is what makes them want to learn more.Similarly I learned that the duty of a teacher is to facilitate learning by, provoking, mentoringand delivering also teachers should be given responsibility by supporting them, trusting them andhelping them to boost the education of our children. Robinson uses curiosity and creativity ofhuman nature to explain his ideas.(Robinson, 2013).From Ramsey Mussalam learned that a teacher should encourage the curiosity of thestudent by answering their questions and the aim of the teacher is to confuse so that it couldtrigger questions from the students. Ramsey used the phrases curiosity comes first, embrace themess and practice reflection to explain his ideas ( Ramsey, 2015). He was also diagnosed withlife threatening aneurism when he was young this is where his ideas came from so he shares hislife experience to insist on his arguments.On Daphne Koller Ted talk I learned that learning through online can be as advantageous as itsaves time, resources and can triggers a wave of innovation hence lifelong learning ( Daphne2013). I also learned that education is a human right and everyone should access education.How do the speakers make their message more powerful, convincing andemotional? What tricks do they use to keep the audience interested?
TED TALKS3The speakers are making their messages more powerful, convincing, and emotional byfocusing on their main points(Einstein, 2016). For example, during Ken Robinson openingspeech he speaks about the three topics that ran through the conference, later he says as we heardyesterday. He focuses on the main points throughout his speech .Robinson combines his sharedexperience of the conference to his main points.To captivate their audiences, the speakers are keen on use of key terms, Robinson signalsthat important words are coming when he says “And my contention is, all kids have tremendoustalents (Robinson, 2013) and my contention is a set up phrase and it is an indication that thewords “all kids have tremendous talents” are important.The speakers are paying key attention to the use of humor (Dlugan, 2012); Robinsonprovoked humor and laughter once per minute to the audience during the talk. Humor puts theaudience in a good mood and makes them more receptive to your ideas the speakers also uses.The speaker also makes use of Rhetoric questions to enhance their speech(Einstein,2016) for instance Sir Ken Robinson says (Dlugan, 2012)“the whole purpose of publiceducation throughout the world is to produce university professorsisn’t it?” everybody has aninterest in education don’t you? This makes the audience to be alert.Mussalam made use of a metaphor during his presentation he said “Teachers in theclassroom must be like a surgeon”( Ramsey,2015), this is because we understand that surgeonsare knowledgeable and we trust them to mend our bodies .Like surgeons teachers should beconsiderate to our children .The use of metaphor makes the audience want to learn more.Please, list ten (10!) new words or expressions you've learnt from the video(s).
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