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Research Project Information Sheet for Participants

Added on -2019-09-23

This information sheet provides details about the research project on barriers and drivers for sustainable building in Hong Kong construction market. It includes the aims, project dates, participants' role, confidentiality, withdrawal from research, possible risks, and benefits to participants.
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TEE Faculty Academic Ethics CommitteeRESEARCH PROJECT INFORMATION SHEET FOR PARTICIPANTSTITLE OF RESEARCH PROJECT: A critical evaluation for barriers and drivers forsustainable building in Hong Kong constructionmarketRESEARCHER(S):LAI YU TUNGTHE AIMS OF THE PROJECT: The aims of the research were to determine the key drivers and barriers to theimplementation of sustainable building technologies in Hong Kong construction sectorPROJECT DATES:3May2019 TO 5July2019PARTICIPANTS ROLE IN THE RESEARCH:In the research, participants just need to give answer to the questions which isbeing asked by researcher in the study. Here, for this activity they need to spare in total1 hour time from their daily work. Further, it is also required that they should give honestanswer to the asked question. CONFIDENTIALITYIn this study, basically the data about the barriers and drivers of sustainabilitybuilding is being collected. Only researcher will be able to access the given data. Thisdata will be used to answer the main aim of the given study. On the other hand, the datawill be protected with user id and password whose access will be with researcher only.Further, the given data will remain with researcher till the time the study will becompleted.
TEE Faculty Academic Ethics CommitteeWITHDRAWAL FROM THE RESEARCH The participants of the study have full freedom to withdraw from the study in themiddle or at the starting session. The researcher will not change any type of penaltyfrom them for such behaviour. POSSIBLE RISKS TO PARTICIPANTSRisk of data stolen is being regarded as one major risk for the participants. BENEFITS TO THE PARTICIPANTSThis research will allow participants with regard to frame an effective strategywith the help of which significant barriers in relation to sustainable building can beavoided. RESEARCHER CONTACT DETAILSThis will be filled by user

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