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Telephone Counseling: Appropriate or not

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

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Question 1
Telephone counseling is popular since it is convenient compared to other methods of
counseling. Telephone counseling reduces travel time for both the therapist and the client hence
easing scheduling problems. This gives the client time to concentrate on work or class activities.
Telephone counseling is cost saving. Apart from doing away with travel time, it also assists
clinicians to save on cost since they can work from home instead of renting an office (Cuijpers,
Pim, et al., 596). The third reason is barrier removal. For people who struggle with post-
traumatic social disorder, disabilities, anxiety, and agoraphobia, it is an effective counseling
method since they feel less threatened than having a one to one therapy session. Another reason
is to accommodate stigma as well as privacy issues. Some people prefer engaging in online
counseling because of the perceived stigma related to seeing a mental therapist. Telephone
counseling unlike one to one counseling, allows the client to express emotional authenticity.
Telephone service gives the semblance of anonymity which makes the client comfortable sharing
more personal information than they might have shared in person.
Question 2
The most callers that telephone counselors encounter are smokers requesting for self-help
smoking cessation, mothers with overweight children, clients with mild depression, people
struggling with post-traumatic stress, people suffering from anxiety, and caregivers of elderly
people. Some of the strategies used in the telephone include video-conference. Most mobile
phones have been equipped with video capabilities which makes it easier for the therapist to
communicate with clients. Another strategy used in telephone conferencing is email counseling.
Email counseling is effective for persons who are not sure when they are going to get time to
connect with their therapist (Peshkin, Beth et al, pp.472). Email counseling assists the client to
stay connected at the same time gaining insights and advice. On the other hand, text-chart
counseling ensures the therapist and the client meet in a safe “chat room” for counseling. Text-
chat counseling is not complicated compared to other means of counseling such as video
conferencing since it does not require complex technology.
Question 3
The first hotline is domestic violence and dating abuse. Love is respect, it is what the
hotline advocates. The second hotline is depression and suicide. Depression cases have increased
and if the affected person does not get assistance on time they may attempt suicide (Cross,
Wendi, et al., pp.776). For such cases, the clients or the person taking care of the affected person
should contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or The Trevor Project. The third hotline
is eating and disorder. NEDA assists many people with eating disorders and hopes to vision a
world with no eating disorder. The fourth hotline is the general crisis. This hotline can be used
by every person. The goal of the general crisis hotline is to assist people to stay safe and calm.
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