Template for Evidence Collection Assignment

Added on - 21 Feb 2021

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Template for evidence collection to be attached with the report by the learner:Project Logbook for the chosen organisation:Name of the learner:Name oftheSupervisor:Project Title:Date:Update of weekly research/ tasks achieved (Account for a minimum of sixweeks with dates)What have you completed?The researcher completed the aim that is“To determine the strategiesand initiatives taken by a company to build diverse and inclusiveworkforce: A case study on Tesco”Did you fulfil Task requirements?Yes, I fulfilled all the task requirements.Are you on track and within deadlines set?YesDid you need to make any changes to your project managementplan?Yes, I will doif there is any requirement.Any risks and / or issues identified?Did you identify risks/issues with a lack of skills required forundertaking research tasks?I facedissue at the time of data collection and analysis.Did you identify any additional risks/issues that have an impact onthe project management plan?Data protection with ethical issueare the issue which I faced.
Problems encounteredWhat barriers did you face?Not fulfil the requirement as per set deadlinesHow did you overcome them?The barriers can be overcome by the guidance of mentor.New Ideas and change of project directionTo overcome the limitations by using advanced technology.What Have I learnt about myself this week?How did I feel when I had to deal with tasks/problems?I feel quite excited.Did I find it useful to complete the tasks?YesHow well have I performed? What did I contribute?I performed good and I also contribute my best to complete theresearch in defined time.What can I improve on next week?Research skills.How might this learning apply in the future?I will apply this for conductingthe research better in the future.Tasks planned for next weekWhich tasks are priority?Aims and objectives is the first priority.Have you set aside sufficient time for completion?
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