Project on CSR Implementation for Nisa Ltd

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Template for evidence collection tobe attached with the report by thelearner:Project Logbook for the chosenorganisation:Name of the learner:Name of the Supervisor:Project Title:Date:Update of weekly research/ tasksachieved (Account for a minimum ofsix weeks with dates)What have you completed?Did you fulfil Taskrequirements?Are you on track and withindeadlines set?Did you need to make anychanges to your projectmanagement plan?CommentsProject on understanding significanceof CSR implementation forcompetitive advantages of Nisa Ltd.Yes, I fulfilled all requirements ofproject as well completed them indetermined time.Yes, I accomplished all tasks of theproject appropriately.No, all strategies were implementedefficiently as well work segmentedamong team members efficiently.Any risks and / or issues identified?Did you identify risks/issueswith a lack of skills requiredfor undertaking researchtasks?Did you identify any additionalrisks/issues that have animpact on the projectmanagement plan?Yes, I identified lack of coordinationamong workers of the group forresearch and project on CSRimplementation for Nisa Ltd.Yes, there were some uncertainchanges occurred that affected onproject and organisation'senvironment.Problems encounteredWhat barriers did you face?How did you overcome them?Lack of coordination among teammembers and high cost on researchand project.Through conducting training anddevelopment program and taking loan
from financial institute for project toachieve competitive advantages.New Ideas and change of projectdirectionAdopting new technologies forimproving quality of its services.What Have I learnt about myselfthis week?How did I feel when I had todeal with tasks/problems?Did I find it useful to completethe tasks?How well have I performed?What did I contribute?What can I improve on nextweek?How might this learning applyin the future?I feel confident and more positive tobe flexible according to changesoccurred during project.Yes, I gave my best contribution inproject to accomplish all tasks.I worked for team building andencouraging all workers for betterwork performance.I can improve my problem solvingskills for the further years increaseefficiency of Nisa Ltd.Tasks planned for next weekWhich tasks are priority?Have you set aside sufficienttime for completion?To maintain market position andincreasing customer loyalty towardsservices of Nisa Ltd.Yes, all tasks were accomplished inproper time.Project plan status to date (on,ahead, behind)Planning to complete the task inupcoming 2-3 months systematically.Supervisor comments to addressSupervisor is pleased with projectplanning and workers' contribution inteam building towards project.Signature of the Supervisor anddate:13thOctober 2017Template for Performance ReviewTemplate to be attached with thereport by the learner:1.What was the Project supposed to accomplish?The project on implementation of CSR implementation for Nisa Ltd to achieve competitive
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