Characterizing Freight Forwarding Industry in South Peel Region


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Page 1of 2Term PaperIntroduction: Arranging the transport offreight both domesticallyand internationallyis a critical butnot high profileindustrynecessaryforanyadvanced tradingnation such as Canada. Theparticipants arecommonlyreferred to as freight forwarders orcustoms brokers. Theymay offera combination ofservices spanningtransportation modes. This industryalso includes establishments primarilyengaged in arranging andcoordinatingthetransportation and storageofgoods without themselves providingactual transportation and storageservices. Peel Region is home to a concentrationof such providers dueto its location in Canada’s largest urban conurbation, the largest airport and busiest railline as wellasanexus of trucking establishmentsand warehouses. Thepurposeof this term paper is to characterizethe freight forwarding/customers broker industryin south Peel Region (Mississauga and Brampton).Instructions:1. Theterm paper must consist of no morethan 20 pages, 10 or12-pointTNR type1 ½ line spacing excludingfrontand back material. A cover pagelisting groupmembers and an indexmustbeprovided as wellas alist of references (atleast 10). APLstyle must generallybe followed.2. Thepaper will be assessed viaplagiarismsoftwareand no moreof20%of thepaper should consist of copied orparaphrased material. Allsuch material must be accompanied byan in-textreference.4. Thepaper content should generallycharacterizethe freight forwarding/customs broker industry(NAICScode488519) in (Mississauga and Brampton, Canada) (about 95 organizations). The paper should define anddescribethe industry(what theydo,where, what and wheretheyship, typeof services, etc.),assess thebusiness financialsand provide criticalsummaryinsights.Deadline: November 18
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