Terrorism as a Politically Motivated Violence Essay

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Running head: TERRORISM AS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED VIOLENCETerrorism as a politically motivated violenceName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1TERRORISM AS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED VIOLENCEThe essay contains the aspects of terrorism and the violence. The terrorism includesboth factors that are terror as well as violence. The aim of the essay is to analyze the waysdifferent aspects that are related to terrorism. The essay includes the reason of the influenceof politics in terrorism. The political scenario is undergoing a massive change in the presentday and this is the reason it is important to study the changes made in the politics. It hasundoubtedly played a heavy role on the violence that has been remained an influencing factorfor the violence that is created in the present world. Terrorism is the outcome of unawarehatred towards the person who is the victim of the hatred. The reason of terrorism is ultimatehatred and in maximum times it is because of the desire of the attainment of the politicalpowers. The use of force in an illegal manner or the execution of force against the individualsor any kinds of property in order to intimidate a government in furtherance of the politicalobjectives is the actual reason of terrorism (Reid Meloy and Yakeley 2014).According toSchuurman and Horgan (2016),Terrorism is the use of the intentionalindiscriminate violence as a means of creating terror or fear in order to achieve certain goalwhich is political in many cases. The terms like `Terror` and `Terrorism` originated duringthe French Revolution during the late 18thcentury. In the last years there has been no specificdefinition of terrorism. This is roughly defined as an activity that is morally wrong. Terrorismis sometimes defined by many people as a religion. It is believed by many people thatterrorism is spread by those people who believe in a particular religion. This is a wrongconcept that is believed by many people. Terrorism itself is a wrong belief. Terrorism ispracticed by those people who belief in violence. The terrorists who created by the terroristsand they believe in spreading violence. The creation of the violence is sometimes thepolitically motivated. In most of the times it is politically motivated. In maximum times it hasbeen noticed that the political attack is the result of certain political issues. It is the attainmentof the powers related to the rule of the government in any region. In many cases it has been
2TERRORISM AS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED VIOLENCEobserved that the terrorist acts has been occurred due to the desire of conquering an entireregion. According to a renowned political philosopher Michael Walzer, terrorism has beendescribed as the purposeful assassination of the innocent people randomly in order to spreadserious threat across the entire population. It included forcing alliances with the politicalleaders. Many critics argued that terrorism is an act that intends to cause death and it ends upin serious bodily harm to civilians. The concept has lead to controversial definitions andmeanings (Sidanius et al. 2016). The term has political and emotional aspects related to it.Though it has been sometimes argued that terrorist and criminals are the same concept. Thishas been refuted by many critics. Terrorism is thought to be ineluctably political in arms andmotives. It is usually violent and it includes threatening. It includes the far-reachingpsychological repercussions which are beyond the interest of the victim. It has been foundthat it is conducted by many organizations with an identifiable chain of the authoritativecommand. It is sometimes the result of the conspiration. The terrorist’s attacks are theoutcome of the conspiracy of the conspirators (Pauwels and Schils 2016.).However there are varied views of the concept of terrorism. The above discussions aresome aspects of terrorism but there are other concept as well that explores the idea ofterrorism. It is different angles. It has various viewpoints in different regions. The concept ofterrorism is viewed as political violence by many critics. Terrorism has certain purpose. Themajor intention of terrorism is to enslave the medium in order to achieve maximum attainablepublicity which is a powerful in order to justify their action and convince the audiences. Themajor reason of spreading the terrorism is to affect larger number of people. The mainobjective of terrorism is to affect the political purpose. The picture of political influencecomes into the scenario when the terrorism is related to religion. It has found that in case ofcertain official governmental definitions of terrorism uses the criteria of illegitimate andunlawful act. It has been mentioned by the U.S president Barack Obama, commented that the
3TERRORISM AS A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED VIOLENCEbomb blasts which are the activity of a terrorist attack intends to drop bombs in the placewhere the innocent civilians are targeted. The bombs are used to target the innocent people.This is where the concept of international terrorism creeps in. It implies the violent acts anddangerous acts. It appeared to be intends towards the coercion of the civilian population. Theactions include the influence of any particular government by the destruction of the masswhich includes the assassination of the innocent people and sometimes kidnapping of themass people which is put into action by hijacking a plane and similar actions. The act ofterrorism occurs usually outside the territorial jurisdiction of any region (Pauwels and DeWaele 2014).The above views are critical and they are judged from the point of view of the normalindividuals. On the contrary the terrorists have different view point and their actions arejustified according to them. The terrorist argue that they express their wants through theterrorist acts. The terrorist does not think their want is unjustified. There are specific reasonsfor which the terrorists claim that their actions are the outcome of the unjust they received.The government is seen in many cases to join hands with the terrorists secretly applying thepolicy of give and take (Valentino 2014). The claims of the terrorists are in maximum timesmotivated by the political aspects. The political terrorism includes the harsh and violentcriminal acts that includes primarily of generating the fear in the community for certainpolitical purpose. The apolitical terrorism implies, it is not aimed at the political purposerather it certainly exhibits the intended structure to continue to a huge degree of fear for theforceful purposes. In spite of that in the end there is the gain and interest of every individualor collective profit rather than the achievement of the political purpose (Nacos 2016).There have been many instances of such terrorist attacks where the influence of thepolitics has been huge. Politics had remained a great reason for many terrorist attacks. Thebest example of this was the September 11thAttacks on the United States in the year 2001.
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