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Tertiary Learning Strategies
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High ethical standards have always been considered important in society. Potter Stewart
clearly states, ‘Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is
right to do.’ In whatever activity you are taking part in the society has always tried to encourage
people to abide by the ethical standards. The finance advisers are not exempted in this case since
they are a part of the society. Ethical standards portray a decent and well-organized community.
Ethical standards are the trademark of products and services offered by a company that promotes
values such as trust, fairness, and kindness within organizations and outside. Ethical standards
are very important in organizations the reason they are considered to be essential is: they provide
a guideline on how to run a business, they instill good leadership and management skills in the
leaders and employees, they help deal with dilemmas and guide employees on how to handle
The society has always had the expectations of financial advisers maintaining high ethical
standards. Some of the ethical concepts that have always been considered important in the
society to determine high standards and show the stand of the society on ethics are discussed
Financial advisors are charged with the highest standards of loyalty and discretion. For
any financial adviser, they are always required to portray the highest degree of competence and
integrity. The aspect of loyalty and discretion has been nurtured in people from when they were
young. For example, when given an instruction the child was not expected to do the opposite of
that. As a result of that, the society expects that from the basic things that were taught ever since
the financial advisers were young they would always abide by them (Hinman, 2013). All of them
are always instructed to stand by the decisions that are in the organization's interest even when
they are not common. To maintain high standards that are expected by the society a financial
officer is expected to understand the rules and regulations about his or her profession and know
why the rules and regulations are important. To avoid falling out of the high ethical standards,
they are best advised to interpret and apply rules best to their intention and be able to perform
their advisory duties effectively and efficiently and still abide by all the stipulated rules. When
they are loyal to the rules and regulation, they take the first step of maintaining the high
standards that are expected of them (Groarke, 2011). When they begin being loyal and respecting
the rules, it becomes a part of them, and it is no longer hard for them to act in the same way.
High ethical standards have become important to the society such that they have come up with
consequences that anyone who falls short of the requirements is punished accordingly.
Financial advisers are expected to maintain superior standards of integrity and moral
values. Integrity is identified as one of the most paramount standards of conduct in the financial
sector of any organization. Integrity is mostly determined by the personal behaviours of a person,
e.g. honesty and truthfulness. The society considers integrity as an important factor of ethical
standard to the extent they have set up Anti-corruption commissions to investigate instances
where they note the people involved didn’t practice integrity. Integrity to a financial advisor
means believing that the trust given by the public should not be compromised[CITATION fit14 \l
1033 ]. A financial adviser can demonstrate integrity by upholding the principles of their
profession, demonstrating the values of the profession, acting without any consideration of
personal gain, resisting undue political and environmental pressure when making decisions, not
abusing the power of authority and taking immediate actions in cases of unprofessionalism. As a
financial adviser, the guideline that one should follow are the duties rules regulations written
down in the company’s act and constitution since it goes hand in hand with the terms the society
considers important. A lot of power is handed to them, and it's the expectation of everybody that
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