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Test Report. The test results clearly show that the str

Added on - 21 Sep 2019

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Test ReportThe test results clearly show that the structural generation technique used (combination ofBranch and Condition/Decision technique) was not sufficient to identify all the defects. Infact, it helped finding a single ambiguous error that had to be tested further to understand itsimpact. The chart (Appendix A) shows the correlation between the number of bugs found forevery technique used.Considering these findings I would suggest that the structural testing is only useful when theactual (final) source code is available. While technique provides an easy full code coverage,it does not easily allow to identify and understand the edge cases for the control structures,neither does it guarantee the absence of defects (Yang, et al 2006). However, while testcases show that this technique is not too good in finding unexpected bugs outside therequirement scope, it is arguably the best technique to check if a program conforms to itsspecification.Error Guessing technique proved to be much more effective in this task, mainly because itleveraged human intuition and experience. Goal of the tests generated using this techniquewas to tests program requirement/documentation flaws and logic in extreme cases. Whilethe success of this technique in this particular case is more of an exception, or luck asKuckis would put it (2013), I would argue that when time is not a constraint, this techniqueallows to generate very creative tests that might be quite useful to have in the test suite.Lastly, Boundary Value Analysis has proven to be satisfactory in testing edge input cases. Itallowed to find a new defect which was not identified with any other techniques, by executingjust 3 tests. Technique is very easy to apply and its error-finding capacity is high (Müller2005). I would say that boundary value analysis is very important in any test suite andshould probably be used as the first option when generating the tests.In conclusion I am very disappointed in how unsuccessfully the structural testing was appliedin this task. However my understanding is that given the circumstances it was a pure luckthat the error guessing performed much better. The Boundary Analysis effectiveness, on theother hand, was predictable, and I am completely satisfied with its result.Word Count:376ReferencesKuckis, T. 2013. Error Guessing. Available at: (Accessed: 08 December 2015)Müller, T., et al. 2005 Certified Tester. Foundation Level Syllabus (2005). Available at: (Accessed: 08 December 2015)
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