The Advantages of Genetically Modified Organisms

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GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS2Advantages Of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)Genetically modified organisms have advantages over its disadvantages because GM crops haveinsects or pests repelling quality which causes less use of dangerous and harmful pesticides andchemicals on food. Genetically modified crops have the ability to resist extreme and severefluctuations in weather. So, a good and sufficient yield of crops can be grown in worseconditions of weather. GMO favorsgreater production of cropsbecause genetically modifiedcrops are very easy to grow, as it’s have the ability to repel the pests. This feature helps farmersto produce large amount of crops.(Amofah, 2014)Another advantage of GMO is that genetically modified animals and crops generally needs lesstime and chemicals to grow, which reduces environmental harms such as emission of greenhousegas, soil erosion etc. With genetically modified organisms, deforestation can be reduced too.GMO was discovered with the help of genetic engineering that’s why it make sure that the cropsor animals will never be damaged in a fast rate. GMO provides considerable protection for cropsand animals. According to Food and Agricultural organization of United Nation, The foodproduced by GM engineering has more nutritional values which can help to reduce thedeficiency of nutrients like vitamins and minerals in food. Few more advantages are reduction infood price due to higher yield, development of new products, new crops etc.(Qiu, 2013)As explained there are many advantages of GMO over its disadvantages, So researchers shoulddo more research on the products made from GMO and should find out how the disadvantagescould be changed in advantages, as it is a useful procedure for the population.
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