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Aspects of Conference and Banqueting Service : Project

Added on - 05 Oct 2020

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The aim of this project is to introduce learners to the practical aspects of conference andbanqueting service. Due to the nature of the job, hospitality managers need to have the basicpractical skills to enable them to operate effectively within this sector. They also need anunderstanding of the operational issues that affect the success of the conference andbanqueting sector and the factors influencing its development.Learners will investigate the size, scope and diversity of the industry and the strategic andoperational issues that influence business success. Learners are encouraged to investigateand develop an appreciation of the particular needs of clients within the conference andbanqueting sector and to consider the operational and planning issues that are specific tothis sector of hospitality.It will help Learners to develop their understanding of theprocesses involved in planning, development and management of a conference or banquet.The whole project is drawn together through the critical assessment of a conference or abanquet and demonstration of planning, implementation and evaluation of a conference ora banquet.The beginning of each section should outline a general introduction to the broad topic withthe objective of providing a contextual background to the areas of discussion to follow.Relevant references and academic quotes, together with the use of case examples arerequired as evidence of broader reading and research.Task 1:Scenario:You have started work with a Catering company called “Service On A Plate” whoprovide catering services for events, conferences and banqueting and also local Contractswith large organisations. You have been asked to prepare a report by the General Managercovering the points below.
You will need to research the conference and banqueting sector of the hospitality industryin the UK.Assessment Criteria:AC1.1 Discuss the size and scope of the conference and banqueting industry in theUKThe conference and banqueting industry of UK is a growing one which employs more than530000 people in various working areas. The sectors are inclusive of Event management;business centres; hotels; resort and business properties among others. Budget hotel lack thesekinds of facilities. In this regard, there is a presence of more than 50000 hotels and resorts inUK that are there to serve the conference and banquet needs of locals as well as tourists whocome for business purpose. Reports further suggest that the sector is worth19.9 billionpounds in terms of direct spending done by people (Hence the workforce has also increasedfrom 25000 to 53000 in the year 2014 (New report values UK events industry at £39.1bn,2018) Moreover around 1.3 million meetings take place in UK on an yearly basis which hasled to a surge in demand forconference and banqueting services provided by different sectors(Events are great, 2018). With the growth of these conferences an increase has further beenseen in the careering services that are provided along with these events. These ask for a lavishand wide variety of menu items, followed by ensuring that food is of high standard whichresults in a higher cost per person. On account of these requirements, the revenue of cateringservices accounts to 49.5 percent with respect to overall industry (Catering Services - UKMarket Research Report, 2018). As conferences are held for larger number of persons hencegreater amount of revenue is generated per event from the food section itself.The catering part of this industry has got a lot of scope as manyforeign clients and touristsvisit the nation on a yearly basis especially London. Aninternational business travellerfurther spends around 611 pounds on an average for every visit out of which 40 percentis spend of food.They need space for organising conferences and banquets which furtherdemands for the need to employ large number of workforce to cater to the needs of thisindustry. Hence the workforce has also increased from 25000 to 53000 in the year 2014 (Newreport values UK events industry at £39.1bn, 2018). Among this, the catering segmentemploys around166,540 and they work in around 2,696 organizations.Moreover the annualgrowth rate of careering segment has been of 10 billion pounds in terms of revenue while the
forecasted growth is expected to be 2.3 percent during the period of 2019 to 2024 (Food-Service Contractors - UK Market Research Report, 2018).AC 1.2 Analyse factors that have influenced its developmentEnvironmental – The government in UK has got the presence of anenhancedenvironmental outlook through the usage ofmodern infrastructure development andplanning. Hence as the conference and banquets being organised within UK grow innumber the organisers are needed to monitor the overall environmental impacts of thesame. In this regard, this can only take place when adequate monitoring and control isdone so as to ensure sustainable growth.socio-cultural considerations – UK has a very rich history of events such as cricketmatches, new year, fashion events,QUEEN’S OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY; Wimbledonamong others. These demands for the need to takecorporate decisions and also hostmeetings and conference for the same.Political – the overall growth and development of conference and banqueting sectorwithin UK has further been made possible by thepolicies of successive governmentsthat have been quite friendly. This is as a large number of events and conference willbe held in the coming years which will bring 35,000 delegates to London (Youde,2015). Hence government has made sound policies to carer towards the needs of thesedelegates.Technological.- Uk itself is a technologically adcnaved nation and the same applies tothe conference and banquet sector as well. These services that are provided by thehotel are also the ones that are able to matchhigh tech level in the area oflighting,sound systems, specialist equipment among others. This has resulted in overall growthof this sector in UK.Legal – the overall growth and development conference and banquet secotr in Uk isinfluenced by legal boundations as well. Hence it is necessary that the organiserscomply with licensing laws; maintain room layout and also have a proper means tocontrol traffic and crowd.Task 2:
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