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The Assignment Task:.

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The Assignment Task:Select, as a context for your assignment, an organisation or sector relevant to your specialism (Travel/ Tourism/ Aviation Management). Set out an HRM issue in the context you have selected, which is significant in terms of implications for fairness, equality and discrimination. Discuss this issue, and in particular:Justify your claim that this is a particularly significant issue in this context.Summarise the legal duties and rights given to companies and employees in relation to the issue.Suggest steps which might be taken by companies and employees to encourage fair dealings in relation to your issue.Use varied sources, evidence and examples (where applicable) to support your work and evidence your answer by referring to academic and other appropriate sources.Your response should be 1,500 words (+/- 10%). You must complete this task using the form in Blackboard.Assessment CriteriaThroughout, you should ensure that you underpin your points with evidence and reference to relevant authorities, and that you demonstrate reasoned argument and an understanding of the issues and the context.1.Justification of this as a significant issue in the context you have chosen (20%)2.Summary of the legal position (20%)3.Steps which might be taken (50%)4.Referencing: in accordance with the advice in Cite Them Right (10%)
The Assignment Task:._1

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