The Benefits & Drawbacks of a Global Business Environment

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Research Form
Research Proposal FormStudent Name: ______________________ Student ID:____________Centre Name: _____________________Tutor: ________________ Date:___________________Unit: ____________________Proposed Title: ______________________________________________Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesTitle or working title of the research project (in the form of aquestion, objective or hypothesis)“The benefits and drawbacks of a global business environment.” A caseon Unilever PLC.Research objectives (e.g what is the question you want to answer?What do you want to learn how to do? What do you want to findout?):Research questionsWhat are thebenefits and drawbacks of a global business environmenton business growth of Unilever PLC?Research objectivesTo understand the concept of globalisation.To analyse benefits and drawbacks of global business environment on Unilever PLC.To ascertain factors of global business environment which affects growth of Unileverin global market.Todetermine the relationship in global business environment and growth of UnileverPLC.Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectReasons for choosing the project (e.g links to other subjects youare studying, personal interest, future plans, knowledge/skills you
want to improve, why the topic is important):Reason behind selecting this topic is: researcher wants to study global environment. As thereare any factors which has positive as well as negative impact on business growth, soresearcher wants to analyse change in these actors and its impact on business organisationgrowth and development. Researcher wants to acquire knowledge about changes which aretaking place in external environment and its impact on business environment.Personal reasonfor selecting this topic is to enhance literature review, data analysis and collection skills.Professional reason for choosing this topic is explore positive and negative impact ofglobalisation on business growth.Section Three: Literature sources searchedUse of key literature sources to support your research question,objective or hypothesis:Concept of globalisation.Globalisation refers to expanding business operation and integrating with internationalmarket. It encourages free flow of goods and services across the borders without facinghurdles or difficulties.Benefits and drawbacks of global business environment on Unilever PLC.As doing business on large scale makes the company to take advantage of economies of largescale. It lower down the per unit cost of production of the company which facilitates it tomake higher profits, provide better quality products to their customers at low prices and it alsocontributes in increasing the market share of Unilever PLC. It also provides employment tothe people of countries in which it is going to establish their business.Factors of global business environment which affects growth of Unilever in global market.These factors include the political environment of the company in which it is dealing such asthe political conditions or policies made by the government of that country can effect theworking of Unilever PLC in both positive or negative way.Relationship in global business environment and growth of Unilever PLC.The global business environment is very dynamic and changes rapidly and these changes hasto be accepted by Unilever in accordance with the changing environment so that their goodimpact can be taken and bad impacts can be minimised or eradicated. Four: Activities and timescalesActivities to be carried out during the researchproject (e.g research, development and analysis ofideas, writing, data collection, numerical analysis,tutor meetings, production of final outcome,evaluation, writing the report):Time scale is used in this research which providescomplete information about in process working ofresearch. Time allotted to different activities and stage ofcompletion of research.How long thiswill take:2 days3 days12 days15 days12 days18 days
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