Research Paper on Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

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The Business Case for Investing in EHRwithin a Doctor’s PracticePresented To: XXXXXXXXAuthor Name: XXXXDate:XXXX
Background informationDoctors have always a tough job, they have always confusion like how to handle the issueslike managing the different shift in the hospitals, shifting of payment model to newgovernment mandate and the same time they treating the increasing number of patient withdifferent types of critical diseases and coordinate the caring staff of the patient andcommunicating with the vendor suppliers or providers.Followings are the challenges for patient care organisation in the market place:1. Caring for the chronically ill.Doctors always facing difficulties while handling the chronically ill people, due to doctors arenot totally prepared for this type of chronically ill patient.2. Difficulties in Managing illness.Doctors are facing the difficulties while they managing the patient illness, Patient illness isnot recorded properly, and doctors are not able to go through the patient old medical historyand it will affect the patient treatment.3. Lack of communication with patients and other providers.Only thirty percent doctors accept that they inform the other department about the patientdischarge or any patient related information. Lack of coordination and communicationbetween different departments can lead to the financial penalties and gap between the patientscares.4. Not keeping up with technology.Not properly using of Information technology in the patient care organisation all other systemlike billing, patient training and other related work taking more human resources, and takingmore cost.5. Patient not engages with technology.1|Page
Using the digital tool patient can measure multiple things like (Blood pressure, Sugarmonitoring, pulse check etc.) patient care staff need to know how to engaged the differentgeneration patient can use the technology,with the use of technology tools we can improvethe patient health. It is expected that in a survey 120 billion people will use the internet ofthings by 2020.Electronic Health Records (EHR)The Electronic Health Records (EHR) process is a new established and standard model intoday’s era. The acceptance of Electronic Health Records in the patient care system influenceeHealth issues in an intermediate surroundings like EHR vendor, patient, bio laboratory,health care organisation etc. the motive of electronic health records is to care and recover ofindividual patient under the supervision of doctors or specialist with the patient privacy.However significant patient information is gathered during the patient care and investigation,some of the information is precise for some patient and useless for some patient(Mildon, T,2001).Using EHR the we can reduce the patient queue from the hospitals or clinic, it reduces themedical professional work and also help to improve the patient care in the hospital, usingEHR doctors are not worry about the patient medical history, they can get the patient medicalhistory easily. It also provides the information related to patient routine check-up. It notifiesthe patient or doctors for upcoming scheduled check-up.Using PHR patient health record the EHR will notify the routine check-up for the registeredpatient, so they cannot miss the check-up. EHR maintain the patient medical record (PMR) soif any unconditional situation or any emergency condition the doctors can fetch patientmedical report and start treatment without worrying about any previous medical history ofthe patient.EHR maintain the information in repeatedly in combination through organizational patientcare record, and it provide the great value for other purpose which will support the researchwork on the health care area. This type of information is reasonable for other purpose whichwe can call as secondary use.2|Page
EHR vendorOur electronic health record vendor is “Emerging Systems E-Health Solutions”.EmergingSystems E-Health Solutions is an Australian organisation and it provides the wide variety ofsolutions for the patient care organisations. It works with both type of client Public andPrivate hospitals, and has the facility like laboratory, centre for medical care to provide theinformation technology solution.It was developed in 2002 and provide services at St Vincent's Private, St Vincent's PublicHospital, and the Mater Hospital in Sydney however it being progressively rolled outenterprise wide throughout Government of South Australia - SA Health Hospitals.It has developed and grown-up in scope and functionality. Clinicians have been, and continueto be, the primary contributors in the development of the application.3|Page
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